Is this true in the MS world?...,_Women_Are_from_Venus

Thought the book was a load of tripe, myself.

And I don't really see what difference MS makes to the validity (or not) of the theories.  Last time I checked, people with MS were still people - not a different species!

So if you believe the book, I guess you believe it must be true in "the MS World" too (whatever that is).

And, if you DON'T believe the book, or if, like me, you believe there are fundamental differences between men and women, but that the book's approach to resolving them is quite archaic and sexist, I don't see what difference MS would make to that opinion, either.



Have heard of the book but not read it. Men and women are different, surely thats the whole point of our existence?!

Sometimes I feel sorry for MS as it gets the blame for alot stuff that it is not responsible for!

As Tina has said, folk with MS are the same species as those without it.

Ellie x

Hi Marcus

I believe that my first experiences of MS were tied up with my hormones; around the time just before I had my period; (the time when females tend to get bad tempered) I'd have a numb hand or arm or my leg would cause me problems or my glands would swell up and when the oestrogen kicked in the symptoms disappeared.

Everything seemed to get much worse during menopause. I suppose I should have stuck with the HRT but had a bad experience and really couldn't be bothered, as at some point in life I would have to go through it and thought it would be better in my 40s and 50s than 60s and 70s.

In that respect I do think us females are certainly different. Most of my male friends (infact all) do not suffer from pain but their MS symptoms tend to progress more than ours.

There are certainly differences but then that's the same for all of us as where we have lesions makes a difference to our symptoms and amount of disability/brain function etc.


Thanks for your responses. My own belief is that it is a trendy phrase and connected to the american market. I have heard the phrase, 'man', but I don't necessarily 'believe it' - it sold 'books' and that is what the market survives for! - whether it's true or not is anybodies guess. I did notice that only 'women' responded and this 'website' claims  -

Women are twice as likely to get MS than men.

I believe that you make your own mind up (and to hell with this american crap!) - I just want a cure for MS - women or men.

Marcus. x.happy

Hi Marcus

I don't know if we are really that different with MS - take us two for example, we both need catheters

;-))) Mary



Just like to say I love that expression " it's a load of tripe ".

Are you a nortgener by any chance.


LoL, no I’m not, and I’ve never eaten the dish!

I don’t know where I got the expression. Must be something my mother says, but she’s not a northener either.


Mary, thanks - and you are right about 'needing catheters' they have their good points and their bad points!