Hi, sorry for going anon, is it just me or has MS made how you think seem strange at times, strange I know, but for some reason every so often I think things that are just NOT TRUE, example, I’ve been with my hubby for 35yrs, married for 32 of those years, have a really good marriage, even with the MS, it hasn’t changed the way he feels about me, we get on really well, I love him to bits and can’t think how awful my life would be without him, yet every now and again I get this thought that I don’t love him, it last for a little while and then it’s gone again, I also get bad thoughts about family and friends, more so friends, I think they don’t care about my MS, want to do things without me, now I have to say I don’t feel depressed, quite the opposite, I am going through the menapause, and do take HRT, so I’m wondering if this is more hormonal, ie mood swings, anyway I just wanted you’re thoughts on this, take care, ANON x

p.s. forgot to say some of my lesions are supposed to be in the area that controlls thought

Hi Anon I have those feelings, I have been married 23 years. I cant comment about HRT or the menopause, I am a bloke. Sometimes you feel alone in a room fll of people, Why should a person be with me when I can’t offer nothing. I see it, what you mean, but hey love you for what and who you are. My shink, long story and this is yours, said ms affects all my family in different ways. Just relax and chill out, you have a good husband wo loves you as a person. Mike

Difficult to know what is MS and what is the menopause, as both have an affect on the way we think. Must say I am paranoid at times I think it’s cause I’m scared that I’m no longer in control of my life and have to rely on others. I’ve always been an independant person and find it very hard to ask for help. I think you are right with your choice of HRT though. I keep waking up with hot sweats, it seems to be going on far longer than I anticitpated; or perhaps it’s to do with MS!


Hi, thanks for you’re replies, I think you’re right Mike, I need to chill out and not always be looking at the negative side of things, I do have a good husband who loves me dearly and would be very upset if he knew some of the things I think, and I do love him, I just wish I didn’t think like this in the first place, Anon x


I don’t think it has changed my thinking in a pathological way - i.e. I don’t think my thinking is actually faulty.

But inevitably, it does change my perspective about some things, and not always for the better.

For example, I recently got upset that a friend who knows I’m not well, and also that I’m facing redundancy in a couple of weeks, asked the simple question: “Did you have a nice weekend?”

Anyone who knows her would know this isn’t malice or sarcasm, and she’s probably just trotting out the same bland greeting she gives to everyone. But I thought it was such a damn-fool thing to ask someone who’s ill, and facing unemployment.

So yes, of course it’s changed me. I wouldn’t previously have been offended by someone simply asking if I’d had a nice weekend. But now, I think: “For goodness’ sake! She hasn’t a clue, has she?”

I don’t know if the same is true for you, but I find it harder because I still look fine. Nobody knows what an uphill struggle I find everything, or how many things are hurting all the time. So I get stupid questions, asking if I’m having a nice time.

I’m not saying there’s nothing left I enjoy - I do try to make the effort. But I can’t remember the last time I felt well, or had “normal” levels of strength, so it’s all rather relative.