is this or not a symptom

ive had cis (clinical isolated syndrom ) for a couple yrs now most signs have went away now i will always have like odd numb feeling in my hand as neuro has says so , but recently out the blue my heart has been in tachycardia for the last 2 weeks the hopital has done tests and everything seems fine and they cant seem to pin point whats wrong ,i know this could be anything and im not just pointing the finger at cis but i have took myself onto the web just to check as im getting no answers like when i first got all the problems with my cis and was getting told there was nothing wrong with me , anyway ive came across something called ( postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrom ) also known as pots , i phoned up my neuro to ask if tachycardia can be known with my cis and her response was no but on web pots is known to be with ms , its not that i know i have the tachycardia i can feel ok but when my body heats up it seems to kick in bit more i can feel my body shake with it , i also have had headaches with this has anyone experianced this pls help, like i says i know this could be something else just hospital has ruled out other thing like heart problem , kidneys , infection ect

There are parts of the central nervous system that have an input to heart rate so I would have thought that it must be possible for damage there to affect heart rate.

I don’t know how the headache bit would relate though. Something to do with low/high blood pressure perhaps? An autonomic thing could affect both heart rate and blood pressure. (I’m speculating wildly here btw - don’t take what I’m saying as fact!)

I have tachycardia - my neuro told me that it wasn’t my MS and referred me to cardiology. They say it’s not my heart - it’s working perfectly, just randomly too fast. I’m waiting for blood test results, but it’s looking like it’s going to be one of those unexplained symptoms that a lot of MSers get :frowning:

Good luck with the investigations (I’d be interested in hearing if you get anywhere).

Karen x

well looks like we just have to soldier on lol, im waiting on a 24 hour ecg to see if that picks anything up but seems today ive felt not too bad but dont know what tomorrow will be like , i wonder if i should mention pots syndrom to docs when im next there and see if they know about that as every time i mention my cis to anyone including ambulance people they dont know what im talking about i feel as though im better finding out what is wrong with me myself ms signs seem to be so crazy it fools people to think there is nothing wrong with you lol

well i took myself to docs today to ask if pots syndrom MIGHT be the cause,as well but not ruling out other things dont think they liked me asking as she says that is most unlikely and thats why they are going to do the 24 hour ecg and that would be away down the line, funny thing is though i do feel as though its pulling my body down when it likes to can feel ok at times then wow it kicks in , today my heart was sitting at 98 bpm so went down from 125bpm

but trying to tell them my body goes into shakes with it they dont want to listen, i still find it funny that this started of with a cold and all my other signs went away couple months ago and bang this happened out the blue well im not ruling it out just seems crazy this has happened and im only 31

dont think they will do anything or say it matches ms till my body really gets so bad that i can not do anything for myself

My resting heart rate is in the 60s (it was a lot lower when I was fitter), but it can suddenly go up to 160+ and I feel faint, shakey and breathless and this is while I’m just sitting at the computer or watching TV(!), but cardiology aren’t concerned about it - apparently as long as the sinus rhythm is normal, a fast speed isn’t lifethreatening. So if your heart is going really fast, but it’s beating properly, I’m sure it’ll be fine.

As it’s happening all the time, the 24 hour tape will definitely pick it up so I’m sure they’ll work it out. Hopefully it’s something very easy to fix/treat.


thanks rizzo , i will just have to wait on appointment coming through then see what they say :slight_smile:


hi there ive been to docs and got ecg results they say there is nothing wrong with my heart apart from it going fast but in there terms i am fine , they have done blood tests and everything seems normal on them aswell

this week has been really bad with the tachicardia feeling breathless pain in left arm so tired ive ended up going to my bed at half five 2 nights running

i did mention about my cis and all they can say is i dont think its anything to do with that

my heart has been racing now for 2 months and no explanation for it doesnt help when docs dont know what cis is and i have to explain to them

lucky me looks like i will just have to suffer till i get an answer