Is this fatigue and any tips for coping?

Hello all,

Not sure if this is to specific but would be grateful for thoughts and any advice.

I was diagnosed with MS sometime ago but with very slow progression. My symptoms have recently become more pronounced with slow digestive transit and occasional urgency, gait, balance and coordination issues at times.

Anyway I am still working which I often do from home but regularly I am expected to go into the office. Which requires an hour on the tube morning and evening with several changes of line.

Anyway morning is usually fine but the way home is a challenge, I am not sure if it is fatigue but my balance and walking is much worse in the evening and I have fallen/tripped/stumbled several times climbing stairs, going up seems to more of challenge for me.

Anyway not sure if anyone has any ideas if there is anything that can help late afternoon snack, expresso, green tea, ginko biloba or vitamin.

If anyone has any thoughts or advice it would be gratefully received.



You may find a stick a help. Plus ppl are more inclined to offer you a seat with one. Or not - I have been on the undergroud!

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I commute 4 days a week into central London and have to navigate tube stations etc. Back after I was diagnosed my fatigue levels were dreadful and I would literally need to stop half way up the stairs at the tube station and would need to nap a lot at weekends. However, I did a meditation course in 2015 and since then my fatigue levels (along with my symptoms) have dramatically reduced. I now have 2 small kids, work 5 days per week, am up most nights with the baby and I swear the only reason I can still function is down to meditating twice a day. I can’t comment on anything else that may help you like a stick or medication, I can only let you know what’s worked for me!

Lisa x

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Hi Dan First of all I’d like to congratulate you on still having a full time career. Firstly does your company know about your Ms? If they do would they be happy to let you travel home earlier than usual, you could maybe avoid the rush at that particular time, And even get a seat on the train/tube and would imagine it would be a lot less stressful! The end of the day I would imagine you would have run low or out of energy thus making your ms symptoms temporarily worse. I think the work place has to let you have periods of rest or whatever they can do to help and support you within your work. You could Also have a chat with your HR department to see what your entitled to. Good luck Ann

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