Is this a relapse or just a bad back?

Hi,…have managed to pulla muscle plus have a muscle spasm in sacral part of back which means I can do very little…long car jouneys.r out…walkind difficult etc…put wondering is this what a relapse is r do i just have a very weak back?

hi rose

i don’t know what a relapse is either.

i know that i’ve not been as well recently. i describe it as 50 shades of sh*t

i’ve had a few UTI’s and the cold from hell so i suppose this wont be classed as a relapse.

maybe your gp could advise re your back

do you feel that your ms symptoms have got worse?

hope you feel better soon

carole x

i am having exactly the same,i think mines part of a relapse i am in,and also it comes and goes,thats what makes me think its part of my relapse,its bad for a few hours,and i cant move without crying out,then it eases a little,i can barely move for it,and trying to turn in bed is impossible.