Is there anything else i can push for ?

MRI -no lesions

Reflexes -hyperflexia on one side

Neuro said yesterday mri again in 3 months ,new meds pregabalin ive got to take .

He said outright that it is not ms as i have no lesions, but hasnt offered me any other tests and didnt even give me chance to tell him ,im now falling over alot ,im also now on amitryptiline 30mg from doctor. He just said he didnt know what is the matter ! ive had no lumber puncture of veps.

Im really struggling and just feel that he brushed me aside as he didnt want to listen .

My worst symtoms are

-very dizzy all time(keep falling cos of balance) ,double vision and fuzzy vision .(cant drive at the mo due to this as ive had 2 near accidents recently )

-very sharp spasms in legs

-bladder urgency ,frequency (im on detrusitol) still bad though

-very heavy and achey arm

-alot of facial numbness ,throat ,nose etc

-memory is dreadful .

-pins and needles all the time and dripping water sensations .

Im waiting for my doctor to ring at about 1 so i can see if my prescription for pregabalin is waiting at docs for me .Should i tell her i wasnt happy about how it went yesterday or not ?is there anything she could do anyway?

Im having to take unpaid time off work ,and dont know how im going to take the kids places in the holidays feeling how i do now,i feel shattered.

I just feel that the neurolgist must have seen these symptoms before so must have some clue as to what it is ?instread of saying he doesnt know whats the matter .Suerly he should explain things better to me .

Sorry just feeling frustrated today

Sam x

Hi - just read this and a lot of your symptoms are similar to mine!

To be honest, I think knowing you are having another MRI is enough for now, I’d be thrilled with that. If your symptoms are due to lesions they will probably show up on a second MRI as have many other people’s. Ask for the scan to take 3mm slices - that is probably the best thing you can push for.

Good luck!

If you haven’t had a spinal MRI scan, then I would push for that. There’s something going on, so I don’t understand the neuro’s reluctance to do more tests :frowning:

Saying that, it’s quite unusual for a neuro to order a new scan in 3 months, so it sounds like he’s working on a theory. It’s not great that he hasn’t shared it though. Perhaps you should ask your GP to write to the neuro asking for more info? Why is he rescanning in 3 months if he’s sure it’s not MS? What is he looking for?

Karen x

I had a spinal but not the lower part as I was ill in the scanner .I’m just not sure why he is reluctant to do more tests either ? He didn’t say why he wants to do another MRI either . Intact he didn’t say a lot! lol . Is it a neuro that sends you for a vep ? Or can my doctor . Surely one of them would helP? Sam. X