Is there a link .

Does anyone know is there is a link between vitamin d and MS , as it seems for the past year or so i have twice had to go on vitamin d tablets for months at a time . 




Yes, there is a link between ms and vitamin d3.

There are lots of people on here with low levels and some take high doses of vit d3 suppliments.

I take 5000iu daily.

The ms publications on this site have information booklet.  You can download it at the top of the page - 'publications'

Your vitamin d3 level should be between 150 - 225 when you have blood tests.  If it is not you may decide to take a suppliment. (would be a very good idea if it is really low)

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Hi Treek , it seems i keep getting low levels and needing to go on them ,its only the last year that there has ever been a problem ,although i do go out in the sun .

Find out what your levels are first so you can decide what dose of suppliment to take.

vitamin d is not the same as vit d3.  Its the vit d3 level you need to know(for ms).  Post your results on here when you have them and people will advise.

I'm not great on the computer but hopefully someone will give you a link to give you the info you need.

There was a campaign in scotland called 'shine on scotland' which you could google about vit d3 and ms.


Its vitamin d 3 i keep getting perscribed . I was told yesterday iam insufficent in iron and vitamin d3 ,yet iam not aneamic or deficient . I may try and see the doctor who intially asked for the bloods ,as i saw a different one for the results . and couldnt quite understand what he is talking about and i got flustered .