Vitamin d

I have recently been diagnosed with ms following 2 mild relapses (tingling sensation in arms and legs) I am not starting dmd’s at present as we are trying to conceive. 2 weeks ago however I started taking vitamin d3 (5000iu’s daily) I can not believe the difference. I have far more energy and the tingling in my legs that was still bad on a nighttime 2 weeks ago appears to have virtually gone. So here’s my question, is it normal to have such a quick response to vitamin d? Or could it all just be a coincidence? Also does anybody know what the safe limits of vitamin d are. I did read it must not exceed 10000iu’s daily? Thanks

Hi gba,

Relapses can vary considerably in length, from just a few days, to several months, so I’d be cautious about concluding this is a Vitamin D miracle, as recovery would have been expected at some point anyway. No way of telling if it’s linked to any measures you’ve taken, but I’d guess probably not. Evidence suggests Vitamin D supplementation may afford some protection against future relapses, but I’m not sure I’ve seen any claims it can reverse a relapse you’ve already had.

Do be careful about indiscriminate high-dose supplementing, because it is possible to overdo it, and paradoxically, some of the symptoms are similar to MS, which may tempt people to take even more, if they’re not aware it’s the D3 causing it.

I was recently advised by my neuro just 1000 IUs a day. I am already breaching that by taking 2000, but didn’t tell him. I personally wouldn’t go to 5000, but then I’ve been tested, and levels were well up, so I honestly don’t think I need any more. Although deficiency is common in MSers, it’s not universal, so it’s a good idea to be checked, in case you don’t need such high doses.

Some people assume that if a little is good, more must be better. But that’s not true of all vitamins and minerals - especially if you weren’t lacking in the first place.


My GP prescribed 20,000ius every other day but then again by D3 level was very low. Also B12. Consultant said it was important to take magnesium along with the D3. I have regular blood tests to check levels because as Tina says it is possible to overdo it.

Thanks for your help! My ms nurse recommended I take 5000iu’s daily. I will ensure I get a vitamin d test regularly to ensure I’m not getting too much. :slight_smile: