Is nothing private anymore??

Hi All I hope you are all well!

I havent been on the forum for a while but having a really pants time with work at the moment.

I saw my MS nurse a few months ago and was told I was suffering with depression and anxiety. I only told my nearest and dearest until I noticed it effecting my performance at work. I had started making mistakes and could see my performance slipping so decided to tell my boss about what was going on so he would be able to understand why.

The next day was my day off and I returned the following day to be asked by a member of staff about my depression. As you can imagine I was a bit shocked and asked how she knew. She told me my boss had called a bit of a meeting and told members off staff about it in my absence. I am absolutely fuming but havent been able to approach my boss to say anything about it.

Has anybody else had problems like this with work? Iv felt like they are trying to get rid of my since I was diagnosed for various reasons but havent given them the satisfaction of leaving.

Sorry for the big moan but its really wound me up x

terrible treatment.

you approached your boss / employer with regard to a personal matter and it is not only reasonable, but expectable to have the details of that exchange to remain confidential.

there is a violation in what has happened and if you have the time, energy and inclination, i think you should strive to acquire an official apology and satisfaction.

i sympathise and wish you strength and good luck.

Wow…just wow. That’s totally out of line, what kind of boss thinks doing something like that is acceptable behaviour o.o

Seriously hope you can get their butt kicked for doing that, even if they did it with the best of intentions, which I kind of doubt >.>

Thanks both. As long as its not just me thinking too much in to it. I think we have our appraisals soon so may have to being it up! He told everyone without my diagnosis without asking and has a go at me in front of people when I make mistakes instead of doing it in private. Been so close to walking out the last few weeks x

Ah, that last line… Sammie, maybe that’s what they’re hoping you will do. Because it’s tough to sack people these days, particularly if you’d be genuinely entitled to take them to court for unfair dismissal. But if you walk out and basically sack yourself…problem solved! : /

Do you belong to a union or something like that? This man is an idiot, he balls you out for mistakes you make because of your MS? What a champ… >.>

*bawls… 'scuse me while I roll my eyes at myself!

No union unfortunately. I would never walk out, I wouldnt give him the satisfaction.

I did have a job interview a few weeks ago for a car garage but didnt get the job. I told them about my MS which didnt seem to bother them but think it was the 3yr restricted licence which held me back. However they did say I interviewed really well and that they would let me know of anything else that came up and as a friend works there he was telling me that they did genuinely like me and should have something for me soon. I may be getting excited for nothing but Iv wanted to work for this particular brand for a while now so Im keeping my fingers crossed x

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I know how you feel I have just been through the worst months of my life with work, I had been on the sick with various Ms symptoms after wanting to go back they kept telling me to get more sick notes, after a meeting which I thought was to organise my return I was told in that meeting that the dept was being restructured and there was no part time job there for me now. Take a package or get made redundant!!! So I went down the route of ill health retirement instead. Felt after 18 years being did not exist anymore… Do say something to yr boss as you told him/her in confidence, hope it all works out ok for you don’t take any crap though.


Recall that after I came out of the ‘m.s. closet’ at work my line manager called a staff meeting when I was on holiday. She informed everyone that I had m.s. and that everyone should be supportive of me as I may have problems doing my job!

Whilst her intentions were good she got it completely wrong.

Think you made a error in pointing out to your boss that your performance was slipping and you were making mistakes. All very well telling managers we have m.s. but we must be careful how we respond when we are inevitably asked ‘how does it affect you?’

Another manager that waits until someone isn’t there to basically talk about them behind their back, what is with these people…

Sammie, definitely keep your fingers crossed! Don’t feel you’re getting excited for nothing, look to that better job future with a big ol’ heap of hope. Confidence can totally make it happen. And when you leave your current job, give your now EX-boss a big smile, shake his hand and wish him well, and don’t laugh like a maniac until you’re out of earshot ;D


…Whilst her intentions were good she got it completely wrong. [/quote]

…and you clarified where/how she went wrong and exactly how she should have addressed the situation, didn’t you ??