Is my thyroid playing up?

I have been suffering quite bad fatigue for over three months together with swollen and sore lips and flesh around the mouth. The GP (not a good one, in fact he is rubbish) said it was an allergy and gave me anti histamines. He didn’t want to know about the fatigue and just said that it goes with an allergy.

Three months later the swelling and soreness is as bad as ever and the fatigue is unbearable. I have just suddenly been hit with very rapid and extreme weight gain at 4 pounds per week for no reason to do with diet or excercise.

Thyroid anyone? Do you have any experience?

I will hopefully get to see Dr Gorgeous get your kit off on Friday as he is the GP on duty (not the wazzock who says it’s an allergy).

Hi Pat - usually with under-active thyroid you will lose hair, be far colder than is to be expected, certainly gain weight (but I’d expect more gradually than you describe) and be excessively tired just as you describe. I don’t know anyone who had swollen, sore lips.

You can gain weight and be tired with allergy but in either case I wouldn’t expect it to suddenly happen so quickly. Were there signs of anything before these three months? Have you been taking the antihistamines? Do you have rashes anywhere else? Tummy ache? Hives?

You really need to see a second GP to see what’s going on.


Doctors for you then! Hope the one on Friday is helpful and lovely to you as well as gorgeous!! xx

Hi pat, saw your post and had to comment. I too had very sore lips and they were swollen with blisters which lasted for a few weeks. Saw a couple of different doctors who all said it was something different from allergy to eczema to impetigo. Was given various different creams and lotions and antihistamines etc. After a while they went back to normal and recently when I got the flu and chest infection (slowly recovering now) they appeared again but this time not as bad and have nearly cleared up. I have guessed that they are linked to when my immune system is low and is trying to fight off something. I’ve had my thyroid checked, hormone level check and loads of other checks which all came back as normal. The long and short of it is that nobody seems to have a clue what caused it to happen and are still looking into things that it could be. I’m seeing my consultant tomorrow so will mention it to him again and see of he comes up with anything else. I would be interested in hearing what your gp says on Friday - hope you get some answers. One thing that did help was emmovate cream (I think I spelt that right)

Hi Pat,

Let’s hope that your Dr get your kit off…finds the answer for you, do let us know. Take care.