Is it possible for RRMS to do this?

For 5 months I have had on and off strange sensations in my right calf, (back and sides of calf and shin). Almost like tingles but maybe not quite. They disappear and my calf goes back to feeling completely normal for weeks at a time. Then the tingles return in different places throughout the day within my calf. Can a relapse do this? Mild symptoms come and go and come and go over the space of 5 months and counting?

i do not have a diagnosis but had optic neuritis 12 years ago followed by a normal MRI of the brain, and a second normal MRI of the brain 10 years later.

If you haven’t had a diagnosis of MS, it’s difficult to say.

MS symptoms mimic lots of other diseases. Maybe ask for a referral to see a Neuro?

Two normal MRI’s is good.