How many MRIs?


i had optic neuritis 12 years ago and a negative MRI at the time so do not have an MS diagnosis. I have been symptom-free for the last 12 years but had another MRI without contrast 2 years ago, 10 years post ON. This was again negative.

For the past month I have been getting patches of mild tingling that comes and goes on my right calf, shin and back of my ankle. It sometimes feels like there is a hand holding my lower leg. It went away for a week after two weeks of on and off and then has been back again this past week. The symptoms have not changed/progressed… they are always the same. This is the first time I have had any neuro related symptoms in the past 12 years since ON.

I don’t know whether my MRI scan from two years is reliable. I see people on here seem to have been diagnosed after several MRIs…?