Is it just me....?

I visit the local shop, I fancy an apple juice…I see the apple juice, I pick up the apple juice, pay for the apple juice, get back to the office and found I had bought a Super Berry Smoothie!!! :blush:

No, it’s not just you. See the Brain Fog thread for more of us who are incapable of carrying out actions that were clear in our minds. I suggest not necessarily starting at the beginning unless you have a month or two free to catch up with our nonsense.


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hiya not just you! i wanted shampoo and came home with 6 rolls?! ellie

Lol, sounds really normal. Just how to explain to someone without ms. When you ask, did you put my cup i was drinking out of in the dishwasher it’s a question, not an accusation! ? I have been told today that I use ms as an excuse!!! Gruu

Think he would be heading to Iceland or Alaska by now

I feel that most non sufferers always seem to feel or think

That they can decide when and if your m.s is a bit more of a problem

Than there runny nose

I have to write a list whenever I go to the shop,even if it’s for one or two things.Once I get to the shops I find that I have always lost,forgotten or misplaced my list!If my husband is with me I then have to ask him “What’s on my list?” and he rolls his eyes! If I am alone I just have to improvise and hope that I don’t get home without the one thing I really need

The only issue with improvisation is I now have seven spare hand wash soaps !!!


Phew !!! Nice to know I’m not the only one. I’ve taken lists and still forgotten stuff!!!

Leeroy1 I have to ask, did you enjoy the Smothy ? Or did you put it in the bin in frustration?

Ha Leeroy

you reminded me of a pickle I got into trying to buy the right shade of hair dye… I took a photo of the packet I had used before (good idea I hear you say) took it to the shop and bought the dye. Then decided for an unknown reason it was wrong and changed it. Took this one home , though it looked wrong but I decided it couldn’t be and used it. It was wrong of course and looked awful.

At the time I was so frustrated I couldn’t bring myself to tell anyone exactly what had happened ( did get a funny look or two at the hair) but now it’s just funny. I’m learning to embrace the madness !!

Hope everyone has a decent day today

Julie xxx

ah well you have to be careful, you can’t blame MS for the “ooh look a cream doughnut” moments in Tesco, or seeing several things you never knew you needed or indeed several things you actually didn’t NEED but it was on special offer - really, a bargain, honestly…

Any woman will know what I mean. Blokes however…well my partner gets a glazed look withing 5 minutes of being in a supermarket (unless its the cheese counter) and my son wants to race around and cannot understand I can’t THINK that fast!!

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Sarah, so glad it’s not just me. I tend to get something stuck in my head and have ended up with a years supply of coffee, toilet rolls and more broccoli than you could ever cope with. I now have to only buy things on my list and at the top of the list I have to note the things I don’t need - NO COFFEE etc. I always put my list in my purse so I know I have it when I get to the shop. If I happen to forget my purse, I discover that before I’ve filled my trolley because I’ve had to go in my purse to get the list out (been there done that).


Ha ha I drank it but was bloody horrid.

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