Is it just luck?

I was diag in 2009 with RR. I would say that after the first year, things began to ‘level out’ and I have had no real ‘major’ problems. Through trial and error, I have been on the level with medication and been relativley pain free. I started taking Pregabalin 2x25mg per day. However, about 2-3 wks ago, I began to feel pain most days. Now, I have been told to increase Pregabalin to a total of 100mg per day. I consider myself lucky, but now I am wondering how I got away with it for so long, since 2009/2010. It makes you think that if I didnt take Pregabalin, Baclofen and Amitriptyline, just how bad would I be. It also makes me think of the future and just how fast things may progress. I guess this is a very common story with everyone and I just wanted to know what everyone else thinks???

Thanks, Jennifer

Should have said, I have been taking Pregabalin 50mg per day for about 1 yr. Now, 100mg per day.

Who knows, but it is good that your medications have helped you for this period. I still feel really new to this MS, being dx in jan 13. Each day seems very different and try not to think about tomorrow, just manage one day at a time. I hope your change in medications will keep things steady for you. Take care Barney