Is IDS the new anti christ



Politics AND religion in one sentence-congratulations!

Last year I wrote to my local MP and included IDS as the second person in the copy-I got a reply stating that I had to address it to him directly-petty and childish-it beggars belief that some folk are in the positions that they are.


He is a nasty Tory, but a big fan of disabled toilets.

He always had aspirations in that direction, let’s hope his latest bid is as successful as the last.

wot does he know about being disabled,all he see is £££££££££££££££,and wants to get less of them,but I do agree when he says there are people who are getting DLA and not deserving,why should we be surprised by this typicall tory mantra,help the rich and hammer the needy

Wandering off on a tangent, I’m sitting here thinking that I have to feel sorry for anybody who’s been brought up NOT knowing that:

  • as a decent human being (in British society), you should make an effort to look after those who need your help and support

  • as a decent human being (in British society), you sometimes need to give up things in order to give help and support to others

  • as a decent human being (in British society), you sometimes have to put others first before looking after your own interests

  • as a decent human being (in British society), if you have skills, talents and drive, you should use them, reap the rewards and SHARE (see above)

What really bothers me is that I’m expected to vote for politicians to look after our society, and yet they don’t seem to be able to follow basic (British) social principles that I strive to follow.

I make the point about ‘British’ society because other society’s have different values and not because I’m being parochial.

Lolli xx

I think the way they use quantative easing (QE) is wrong. The idea is the Bank of England (BoE) prints money £275 billion to date, gives it to banks to put it in the system by loaning to business so they can then employ people and create growth. The banks on a win; win situation as it charges interest to businesses that loan on the free money given to them.

Surely growth comes from businesses selling their goods/services creating profit? The business will then earn sufficient money to employ; that is the way to create growth.

The alternative helping every working person in the Country is anyone above the age of 16 who earns below £60,000 PY who pays tax give them £2000. They will spend the money on bills, rent mortgage, consumer goods, some could even save it in a bank account but it is still going in the system and 2 grand would be a saviour for an awful lot of people.

This would cost £20 billion and would act a quick boost to get people out of debt (not all I must admit) and gets the Country moving.

In the long term the Robin Hood tax must be implemented. A less than 1p in the pound tax on every transaction involving bonds, derivatives etc (ie: not in your high street bank) would raise approximately £100 billion PY (SEE hwttp/


While we have a Chancellor who equates the County’s budget with that of a household budget saying “in times of austerity we must cut back on our spending” means we will have a long bleak future; the worst is yet to come.

The answer to any bank who wants to move to say Hong Kong is simple. If they move they will not be allowed to sell their services or goods in this Country. I’m sure you will get agreement on that within the EU.

Then IDS will not have to steal the prothstetic limbs from our brave boy’s who have fought a futile Bush; Blair war.


I love ur old fashioned out look on life,but unfortunatley,in this world it dont exsist,everyone is out for them selves,dont care about neighbours etc,nevermind politicans looking out for us :frowning:

Here Here to all of that!!

Yep, everyone out for themselves - and everyone expecting to have everything easily [and for free], but not prepared to help others, sigh.

Maybe we need a plague or two and a few preachers to bang the fear of demons into folk. That’s how it used to work in the good ol’ days, isn’t it?

Ah well, back to knitting hair shirts

Lolli xx

Never mind, it’s the end of the world on the 21/12/12; or did the Mayan’s run out of ink?


Bastard. Ignorant, disgusting bastard. They are targetting the weakest in society,making sure the press demonise us,blame us for the huge financial problems the country faces. They remind me of another government in another European country from years ago. Bastards,every single one of them.

( the filtered words begin with b and end in d and have astar in the middle,seeing as we’re not allowed to swear on here)

LMAO, found a way to beat the filter, wonder how long it will last?

Seems to me western governments are largely backing out of most responsibilities except collecting taxes.

In our case over the years we’ve backed away from opticians, dentists, care homes and now goodness knows what NHS provision will be in the next few years. As far as benefits are concerned then that latest things seems to slowly pull lots of people off them with excuse that some are claiming them falsely and the need to be fair.

Now I am sure we all know some do scrounge on the system and they are probably the ones that will still caring on successfully claiming where as the genuine will be caused hardship.

Locally citizens advise have teamed up with local MS branches and do seem in many cases winning but you still have the stress that causes which sick people just do not need.

Not sure what the answer is though since the fact is the money system has been screwed up by fraud in the banking system and it looks to be a very long way before that gets sorted out with lots more bad news in the pipeline.

maybe,greece will be the beginning of the end of austery

Is IDS the new anti christ

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