Is everybody ready for Christmas yet?

I like Christmas a lot and like to do nice things to prepare. (Although I don’t go completely overboard like a friend of mine who, as she has said in the past, likes Christmas stuff so much that she “s***s tinsel” )

This year I have been finding it a lot more difficult than before and I’ve been finding it hard to find the time to get normal things done - to be honest I am sure that “they” have moved Christmas forward without telling me because last time I looked there was a month ago!

However, finally I can see the finish line. All the presents are wrapped. The tree is up (only last night!) All I have to do now is to do the icing on the three Christmas cakes (one for us the other two are presents I do every year for family/friends and there would be a riot if I didn’t!) and bake dog biscuits for presents for my dogs and dogs belonging to 2 friends. (They are very quick and simple to make and, best of all, very cheap! Making them is actually less stress than going to the supermarket to buy some ready-made.?

How is everyone else getting on!

Hi Boblatina!

I hate to say it but …i’ve done everything!

I’ve surprised myself this year

I’ve got my food being delivered tomorrow so i’m going to sit back and start the baileys early! hic!!

Merry Christmas!


I’m sorted but keep getting a little panic feeling making me want to shop for last minute stuff!

Jan x

Ho Ho Ho