Is assisted housing available to young adults?

Hello everyone, I am looking for some advise please. My dear brother has MS, he has had it for 12 years now and is 39 years old. He currently lives alone but his MS has progressed significantly in the last 18 months and his mobility has been severely comprised. I actually live in Australia and saw him when I visited last month for the first time in 3 years. I noticed how very insula he has become, he has no friends and little contact with anyone aside from the odd carer who takes him out once a week, He can go for days without speaking to anyone. He also has some mental issues including extreme paranoia and an eating disorder and will not participate in any support groups himself. My parents are aging and unable to help beyond the occasional visit as they do not live locally to him. We think it would be better if he lived closer to my parents but they are unsure About how we could make this happen? And also if there are possibilities of housing with some sort of warden support for young adults? So he can maintain some independence but be more included at the same time. Unfortunately they do not get along well enough to have him at home with them. I was so distressed to see how unhappy, depressed and insula he has become that I really want to help change the situation in some way but feel very helpless living so far away… Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Mmm, this is a tricky one. You are a wonderful person to want to help your brother so much. The thing is, as he seems to prefer his own company, could it be that wherever he lives, he will remain alone, if he doesnt want to mix?

I hope I am wrong about this, as I am sure it would be good for him in lots if ways.

I have no first hand experience of sheltered housing for younger people, but I think you can find out from the local authority where your brother lives, what is available in his area.

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Hi, I have ms so am not promoting the company I work for for but we do offer a lot of varying packages for younger people. Supported living, care in a tailored flat, home etc. all over the uk. If you want anymore information feel free to send me a message and I will help anyway I can. Kind regards Karen

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile: Karen i will message you. P. I agree that he does like his own company but He also hates where he lives, has no connection with the area and ultimately wants to move out of the area. His rent is paid for by the authorities. Do you know how easy it is for him to move from one county to another? Is it just a question is contacting the authorities in the new area and asking about sheltered options? Sorry to be so naive but I have been out of the country for too long! Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi again. Well no, sorry, I dont have first hand experience of this, but it cant harm to do some research on any areas you think he would like to live in.

if it were me, I think I would first speak to his present housing authority and just ask the question.

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