Involuntary swallowing

Hi all Has anyone ever experienced this? I have what i can only describe as an involuntary swallow, meaning i dont initiate the swallow and it does it itself. It is getting rather worrisome and have spoken to my gp who says its anxiety. I am worried about motor neurone disease and I’m very scared. Thanks


First get the idea of motor neurone out of your head.

Have you got a diagnosis of MS? If you do they would have most likely seen evidence on MRI.

Anxiety can cause very realistic physical symptoms.

Therefore you must deal with this first.

Ask your GP to prescribe something to take the edge off.

My GP prescribed Citalopram to see me through the diagnosis process.

Then I found Mindfulness Meditation which has been brilliant and helps me to sleep.

Breathworks Mindful Meditation and give it a try.

If you really need to find out why you can’t stop swallowing your GP can initiate the process of finding out why, possibly via Speech Therapy.

Good luck, anxiety is really the very pits.

Carole x

Hi carole Thanks dor replying. I was diagnosed in 2018 with ms. I suffer terribly with health anxiety and am on meds. The mimdfulness meditation sounds good I’ll give that a try. Thanks Issy

you are very welcome Issy

I have to fill my days with something useful laughxx