Intervals between flareups

I understand this is variable for individuals. Interested to know what kind of interval period there is typically for most people between obvious flarups or clusterings of symptoms , and how long do they go on for before abating?

This really is a “how long is a piece of string?” question, sorry. Not only is each individual different, each relapse that each individual has is different. My shortest relapse is a day. My longest is at least 5 months. The shortest duration between relapses is officially a month. If something starts less than a month later than the last thing started, it’s counted as the same relapse. So the shortest gap between my relapses is one month. The longest gap between my relapses is 4 years. Remember that the “gap” may be a clear period with no symptoms, mild symptoms or just milder symptoms or it may not feel like a gap at all, i.e. relapses can overlap - one that’s more than a month old can still be going strong when a new one starts. So, it can be very hard to tell sometimes! (For example, I either had one long relapse for pretty much the whole of 2010 or I had multiple, back to back relapses for the whole of 2010.) An important thing about dealing with MS is accepting the fact that virtually nothing is certain! Karen x

Thanks Karen, helps to clarify for me