Hi everyone

How long does a relapse roughly last? I seem to be having one at the moment - I have had problems with stumbling which has been getting a little bit worse of late but January seems to have exploded in terms of the number of trips - I have had 50 so far today and through this month have had 4 falls (something new to me). Is this number something like other people have?

I have to see specialist again tomorrow so it would be lovely to get some advice before I go.

Thanks in advance


Hi Spiderwoman,

Sorry to hear you are having a relapse but it is good that you are seeing your neuro tomorrow so they will be able to hopefully sort you out. It all depends how long a relapse lasts. For me they tend to last 2-3 weeks where symptons can be bad then they tail off abit, but apart from my first relapse just before I was diagnosed 15 years ago I have had a course of oral steroids which tend to shorten the relapse.

I hope you are soon feeling better.


Hi Cathy

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. That’s really good when people are going through such worrying times.

It’s good to hear there are options available to help such as steroids.

Take care


Officially, relapses are anything neurological that lasts at least 24 hours but isn’t caused by a virus or infection. They can last anything from 24 hours to many months (even a year) but I think the average is about 6-8 weeks.

I trip a lot, but rarely fall because of years of martial arts and ballet - my feet move remarkably fast still! How often people trip and fall probably varies from never to several times a day or even many times a day. MS is nothing if it’s not unpredictable!

Good luck tomorrow!

Karen x

Hi Karen

Thank you for your support - it looks like it might be a relapse. I too, hope it goes well tomorrow. Hopefully they can sort this thing out properly. Will update you.