Hi All,

I have not been diagnosed with MS yet and I am awaiting some further tests, i have been told that it is a possibility though. I have had an MRI scan which was inconclusive. Am i too late to take out critical illness insurance? If i take it out and then get formally diagnosed can i claim? will any claim be rejected?


I’m no legal expert but would imagine that if you are now being tested for MS a critical illness insuance wouldn’t pay out if it turns out that you indeed do have MS. I’m sure someone who knows about these things will come along and give you advice. Sorry can’t be of any more help.




Sorry I didn’t see this before. I mistook it for another recent post along very similar lines, so thought it had already been answered.

Basically, in your current circumstances, you’re very unlikely to be granted critical illness insurance, because you are under an obligation to tell them everything relevant - including that you are having tests for an as-yet-undiagnosed, but potentially serious condition.

As Janet says, if you did somehow manage to get the insurance - perhaps by choosing to say nothing about the ongoing investigations - it would almost certainly be invalidated anyway. That is, if you were diagnosed, they’d look at your medical file, and find out you were already having tests before you’d applied for the policy - which is usually an outright no-no.