Critical illness cover - too late?

Hello again, I’m up too late again faffing about on the internet. Just been thinking about insurance (and I’m still not asleep, weird I know). So, critical illness cover - I know it won’t cover a pre-existing condition, but as I don’t have an MS dx does that mean I can start a policy now? Or is the fact that I’ve had some tests mean any condition relating to those symptoms/investigations is excluded from the policy? I suppose I could get some quotes to find out but just thought I’d save some time by asking y’all first in case anyone happens to be an expert… Very grateful as always

Good question as it also relates to me. I just assumed I would be excluded as I already had a warning. They would be stupid not to really!

Anything relating the the investigations you have had or are having will be excluded unfortunately, and everything must be disclosed. X

As anon stated, anything remotely related to the investigations you’re having will need to be excluded. Me and my partner have said perhaps when I get an answer as to whetehr this is defo MS or not we will look for some critical insurance to cover me exclusive of the MS though - having MS doesn’t stop you from all the other things that can happen so at least you can get some help if those situations should occur. Not sure how it would affect cost of policy though.



Anon was me…must have clicked the box accidentally! I tried to apply for critical illness after dx (luckily I did have some before which paid out). I wanted something to cover things like cancer etc. and accepted that it would exclude MS. They refused me point blank though and then increased the life cover premium by double! Charming! I’m not sure if anywhere gives critical illness when you have MS, even with MS excluded. Even if they did I’d imagine it would be costly…I’m guessing it’s because of the risks associated with all the drugs they fill us with!! X

Wow that’s crazy. Have you looked on here, I know there is a company that provides insurance for MSers onhere that someone has mentioned I think but no idea of costs!

I wonder what would happen if you were wrongly diagnosed? By that, I mean if you were diagnosed, say, with ME, then took out an insurance, including critical illness cover, then your diagnosis was changed from ME to MS??

Do you think they would then treat it as a new diagnosis?

I did try the MS Society but it was a no. And I’m pretty much at the stage of being ‘normal’ when in remission, with manageable relapses! As for misdiagnosis…if you’ve disclosed what you’ve been diagnosed with and it changes, they would have to pay up. That’s as long as you and the GP etc. have been 100% clear on the forms and they covered MS. In a slightly different situation, I had my critical illness paid out and then they thought it was actually something else. I contacted my insurer and they said I wouldn’t have to pay back the claim as we (and they) can only go on what is believed/diagnosed at the time. It did turn out to be MS in the end though!