critical illness cover question

Hi all, I currently have life insurance but doesnt cover critical illness. I have not been diagnosed yet and have just been urgently referred to a neuro with suspected ms. Question is really can I buy critical illness cover now even though im in the process and they still pay out if I get my ddiagnosis or will they hold it against me as I bought the cover whilst being investigated? If that makes any sense. Thank you xxx

Very, very unlikely you’ll get any kind of cover whilst investigations are ongoing.

You must disclose any ongoing investigations and, in my opinion, that would lead to an immediate decline of cover.

If you don’t declare them and are covered, they would then decline on the basis of non-disclosure when you make a claim.

Thank you for your reply. Do I have to tell them although I am yet to see the neuro? Xx


No, it’s highly unlikely you would be able to obtain critical illness cover from anyone once you have already presented with neurological symptoms, and been referred to a neuro. They are not going to insure against an eventuality that is already suspected.

Sorry, but that’s the long and the short of it. If you did somehow obtain cover whilst still being investigated, then yes, it would invalidate your claim, if you subsequently made one. Any evidence you suspected, or even could/should have suspected, at the time of purchasing the insurance, is likely to invalidate the policy.

So save your money - any premiums you did pay would be wasted, if it’s never going to pay out.


You must disclose ANYTHING significant in your medical history because, if you don’t and you effectively lie, they will decline any claim on the basis of non-disclosure.

I worked with a woman who was diagnosed with MS and she claimed on her CIC policy. They declined on the basis that she answered the question “are you or have you in the last six months seen any medicial specialist?” - she had but ticked it no. They actually said to her that they wouldn’t have covered her if they’d known that and refunded all her premiums (which I think she was bloody lucky to get back) but she still went to the Financial Ombudsman who upheld the insurance companies decision.

Insurance companies are bastards but it is wrong to try and trick them into offering you cover that you’re not eligile for. It’s unfortunate that I think you’ve missed the boat on CIC.

Oh darn it! Thank you so much for your replies. Defiantly got caught out there as im only young (27) and you dont prepare yourself for needing critical illness so young. Was going to change policy at 30 and do it then. Although had problems for 4 years I just put it down to everyday stresses and having 3 children and ms was never mentioned till beginning of this year. Great advice though so thank you very much for all your help. Hope you’re all well xxx


Sorry - additional replies appeared while I was typing.

Yes, you do have to tell them, even if you haven’t yet seen the neuro. Anything else could be construed as fraudulent, because you hadn’t mentioned something that was highly likely to influence the premium - or, more likely, whether they’d consider insuring you at all!

Insurance applications are a special case, where you have to mention everything relevant, even if they don’t specifically ask.

That is because, in terms of knowledge, you hold all the cards - you know everything about your health, but they know nothing. It would not be possible to devise a form that expressly asks about any and every health issue you might have, so the duty falls on you to honestly declare anything relevant.


I missed the boat as well. I was diagnosed at 27 but didn’t actually buy my first house until three years later. Very unlikely I’d have taken it anyway - I was one of these “I never get ill” types and it’s expensive!

I work with a lady whose husband has MS (so many people in my office either have it or are closely affected by it) and she tried to claim on his CIC policy when he was diagnosed. They declined on four instances of non disclosure which were all explained away with other things at the time (like he fell off a ladder at work and was hospitalised) but were actually eventually determined to be down to his MS. He just didn’t know it at the time.

Insurance companies rely on YOUR disclosure - they tend to go for doctors reports if you declare something - and then after you make a claim, they then access your medical records and root around for instances of non-disclosure.

There is a chinese proverb that says:-
Before you critsise your neighbour, walk a mile in his shoes.
Then when you critisise him you will be a mile away and you will have his shoes!

Seriously though, IF YOU where the insurer and you investigated the claim (trust me they will leave no stone unterned)
would you pay out on it?

They are businesses not charities.

Nuff said.


Ha! It’s like me and Tina are reading each others minds! :smiley:

Hi I’ve just claimed on critical illness policy ( successfully ) but trust me they go through everything from years back,and if you’ve ever had anything that remotely points to ms they will throw it out, sadly as others have said you will be wasting your time & money, if you declare your recent problems they won’t cover you, and if you don’t they will find out with checks and refuse to pay out. They are ruthless with there investigations. Sorry if it’s not what you wanted to hear. Gray