Insurance for Batec/electric wheelchair attachment

Hi all, hope someone out there can help. I’m now the proud owner of a Batec Rapid electric handbike thingy and I’m wanting to get it insured - seeing as it cost nigh on 4k, I don’t want it getting pinched or damaged! I already have my wheelchair insured, but the company who do that don’t cover the Batec. Can anyone recommend a company (specialist or not) who would? Maybe you have a similar piece of kit? The problem I’m having is that it doesn’t qualify as an e-bike, nor a mobility scooter, so most insurers are totally nonplussed!

Try Mark Bates or Fish. It may be you have to get an extended warranty as opposed to a accidental damage policy. Get beyoond the switchboard and demmand to speak to an advisor. They - MB - insured my Lightdrive which was technically a motorised add on.


Who’s your wheelchair insurance with? I use Fish for mine. If they don’t do it, you could try asking Batec themselves or the shop you got it from if they know anyone who would do it.


Cheers for the suggestions folks, I’ll follow up on those!

Batec insurance

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Steve Brown, Countryfile presenter, was using one on Sunday’s programme. Great advertisment for them. It made me look at their website, but no costs listed. Know they’re expensive though.


it’s all useful thanks