Inspirational film featuring real MS sufferers

I wanted to share this lovely and rather moving piece of content featuring MS sufferers talking about how their friends and family have helped them.

Underneath the film on youtube, there’s a link to some really useful advice. Interestingly, there’s useful stuff for MS sufferers, and there’s also some good advice for friends/family too. It’s really tough to talk to someone you care about about their MS, so it’s nice to see some practical advice on how to approach it.

friends are so important.

we know most of the people in out small town.

the first time i nipped to the shops with my first walking stick, 3 burly brickies rushed out of the wetherspoons and gave me a big hug and a kiss.

(fortunately i knew them!).

it made me feel so good.

i was still grinning like a cheshire cat when my husband got home from work.

i told him what those men had done and he said “i’ll be getting their next round in”.