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i’m getting bored of facebook…could this be the new place to be??? x

I agree, and hardly ever use Facebook. It is useful for keeping in touch with distant friends from other countries but is too public for me. I don’t want the world to know about my personal life.


ah but mark, it’s great for being nosey!!! :slight_smile: x

Aha! Really?

Who might I spy on, perchance?

erm…the one who is on her second bottle of wine and third bar of chocolate as a result of her boyfriend not understanding her??? the one who put new alloys on his van and is now celebrating with beers and a pizza??? or the one who has got a new dress and matching shoes “lush!” ??? x

I can understand the second bottle of wine but what is it with girls and chocolate?

i can’t understand the wine - it’s far less potent than vodka! :stuck_out_tongue: you don’t like chocolate??? x

Oh yes I do, but there seems to be a physiological connection with womenfolk and chocolate.

oh…that’s because boys can be so mean and chocolate is so reliable - it always does the trick :slight_smile: x

Wine is reliable too.

Rioja always hits the spot for me.

You are now about to learn one of the best kept secrets in the world. Success is certain.

You get real close to the girl.
In her ear, you wisper the three words that every girl really wants to hear:
“Chocolate isn’t fattening”


the only wine i have ever been able to stomach was peach or strawberry concorde in my youth…classy bird me :slight_smile: x

geoff i feel cheated! nobody has ever warmed my ears with those words :frowning: x