Injection anxiety

Does anyone have any advice for injection anxiety? Every week before my injection I get tight chested and start to panic. It’s making me not want to inject, which I know isn’t an option, and that only makes the anxiety worse

It took me ages to comfortably self inject. I was given a practice epipen, which I used every time I injected for about two years, prior to plucking up the courage to actually injecting. I only inject bi-weekly and it does get easier. You are not alone and I trust you’ll soon get used to it.

Hi Sarah, Hope you are well. Anxiety about injecting is completely normal. I’m a CBT therapist and what I tell my patients is to practice some relaxation e.g. breathing techniques or progressive muscle reaction, both are really helpful especially the controlled breathing as this slows down your breathing and keeps you in a relaxed state. I guess if you’re new to injections it can be daunting, using the auto injector pen is easier. I’ve recently started treatment as well and have to inject three times a week. I actually tried to manually inject but I couldn’t do it. The more you try to do it the better you’ll become at it and the less anxious you’ll feel. Lab

Hi I am using auto injector ( I’m on Plegridy) once every fortnight it’s not really painful but I understand the anxiety beforehand,

but found the more you do it the better it gets.

Ann x