Inhaling food

Very recently I have had a number of occasions (5 or so occasions in the last week) where whilst sitting and calmly eating without any drama, conversation or distraction going on, I somehow start to breath in the food in my mouth, causing me to cough. I know this can happen accidentally when talking and eating, or eating food with a light dusting of icing sugar that can be inhaled, but it is then usually obvious why it has happened and unlike what I am referring to now. Slightly concerned at its occurrence today when it happened three times in the course of a few minutes whilst eating a cereal breakfast. Bizarre in the sense that I cant recall it ever happening before except as an isolated occurrence. Anybody else experience this eating problem?

I haven’t had this but I understand that it is another of the ways in which our nervous system gets it’s wires crossed.

Proverb; “There’s many a slip 'tween cup and lip”.

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Thanks for that. I have had bouts of swallowing difficulty before but very episodic.

I often have trouble with swallowing bread and have to drink lots of water to enable me to swallow it. I’ve also had to give up eating high fibre bran for breakfast, because of choking on it.

I’ve only recently learned that the way to avoid choking on water is to tip your head forward before swallowing it.

I can cope with my mild swallowing problems, and am hoping they don’t get any worse.