Info needed Plz.....

Hi Guys,

Yes I’m on the scrounge for some info again plz…

Can anyone list exactly what the DLA is allowed / accepted to be used for plz?

Asking as for example, I would like to use it towards starting LDN and diet. Do you think this wil be ok?


Anna x

You can use it as you see fit Anna and don’t have to account for what you spend it on.

Mags :slight_smile: xx

Oh thnx Mags for the quick reply. i appreciate it hun :slight_smile:

Its a bit of a relief to know this now. As I thought because we have to go through such a rigmor with the forms and meetings etc (can’t actually remember what form asked now) I thought that one might have to justify why I would want to spend it on medication.

That said I still don’t know what exactly we have it for?

I mean I know why I need the extra cash of DLA but my reasons weren’t good nuff for the DLA ppl at times. It totally confused me at the time, as I knew what I needed to make my life less stressful and perhaps if I was lucky a little more easier.


Anna x

As Mags has said you can use it on anything. It’s up to you.

Where your confusion has probably arisen is because needing the money for a spesific thing is not in itself an eligibility criteria for DLA. You might for example want to spend the money on physiotherapy but DLA is based on your abilities (or lack thereof) not your need for medication or therapies although the two go hand in hand.

I had a friend with mental health problems who used some of her DLA on aromatherapy. When her renewal came up she put that she needed this therapy to calm her down. The assessors are not interested in that – they only want to know how your medical condition affects your day to day life. They didn’t care about the aromatherapy, they want to know how my friend scored against their criteria of coping.


It’s true Anna, you don’t need to tell them what you use it for… it’s up to you.

It’s basically a benefit to help you live independently. Before DLA came in (in the 1980’s… in Thatcher’s time believe it or not) lots of disabled people were living in institutions or with parents because they could not live independently on the money they recieved. A group of disabled activists went over to Berkley University California to look at a ‘model’ of what disabled people need to live an independent life.

They came back and campaigned for a benefit that would allow disabled people to be able to have their own transport (hence you can have a car or mob scooter if on high mobility), get taxi’s, pay for someone to accompany them on outings, pay for cleaner… etc etc. This meant that for the first time many disabled people were able to move out of institutions or their parents’ home and live on their own.

So, for instance, I pay for a cleaner, I get taxi’s when I go out of local area (I have mob scooter for local trips), I pay for groceries to be delivered, I pay for hairdresser to come to my home, I pay cinema entrance when someone comes to cinema with me, I buy lots of ‘heat up’ meals which work out more expensive … etc etc. Anything that helps you live as ‘normal’ and independently life as possible.

Of course it also means that people still working can either get a car (high mobility), or taxi’s to work… etc etc… anything that helps them continue to work.

But it is not necessary to tell them what you use the money for. That is up to you.

It’s a tragedy that DLA will be changing when it becomes PIP… a real step backwards!

Pat x

Oh thnx all,

I have a much better understanding of the DLA system now and what you can use the money for. Also, I realise that I have completely been filling in the forms wrong and have previously been filling them in with an explanation such as ‘I need taxis etc as I cant drive or walk too far without consequesnces etc’

It was only when I got hold of a wealthfare officer (think thts what their called?), that I had some success with the appeals etc. Although, it only was given to me for about 8months n I have to fight for it all again :frowning:

know many ppl on here will here me when i say that.

Its crazy that the forms are all designed to confuse and entrap the very ppl that find these things nigh on immpossible at times to do anyway.

thnx again for the info guys

God Bless

Anna x