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Hey everyone I’ve only recently joined here & am finding it a very interesting read. Please could you help me. I work full time, I have RRMS. Am I allowed to claim DLA? I am guessing I would have to be assessed but not sure. Thanking u all. Claire

It depends how it affects you… on your bad days, do you need any help (dont need to HAVE help, just need it) cutting food, washing, getting in and out of shower, dressing, grooming, eating, any prompting, supervision needed…plus a few other stuff I cant rememebr lol

Distance you can walk, do you need aids…

…can you do things in no more than twice the time any other person can, and without pain and discomfort.

if there are things you cant do, then you may be eligible for some DLA (ALTHOUGH, if you apply for it after April it will be the new Personal Independence Payment you will need to apply for).

Hope thats of some use x

Hi, the fact that you work will not affect you claiming dla, I work and claim dla and have for many years. My walking is very poor and I use the dla to get a motability car which I use to get to work. Dla is paid for help you need regardless of whether you actually get that help or not. I don’t know how badly you are affected and so don’t know if you would qualify or not. Why not apply anyway but in answer to you question, yes you can apply even if you work. Cheryl:-)

Hi Claire, as others have said, yes you can still claim. Many do.

If you decide to claim I strongly suggest you join a website called ‘Benefits and Work’. It costs about £19 for annual membership but is worth every penny. They have step-by-step guides to claiming all benefits and appeals process.

DLA is a tricky benefit as so much depends on how you answer the questions. The first time I claimed I gave short answers without much detail and was turned down.

I joined ‘Benefits and Work’ when I re-applied… and got DLA by following their guide and giving lots of small details.

Good luck… oh and if you do get turned down it is worth appealing… again using the B&W guide.

Pat x

Thanks ladies for ur help with that. I don’t think I’ll qualify as I can do most things without help but its worth knowing just in case. Claire x

Hi, yes you can claim DLA and work.

There are 2 components to DLA.

One is mobility and the other is personal care.

A lot of people just have the mobility side to get a car to get around.

If things get worse, then personal care can be applied for.

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