info/ advice about botox

Hiya all,

Can anyone advise about botox injections for tight muscle groin adductors ? !

Is it painful,does it soften the tightness but not make you floppy and unable to stand/transfer ?

Any info/experiences welcome




I have just had my first botox treatment on Tuesday only 48hrs ago! I had injections into my calves and backs of thighs (hamstrings). I can’t lie it did hurt, especially as my leg went into a major spasm as the doctor stuck the injection in but kept thinking if it helps me walk better then it’s worth it. The following morning the pain had gone and I noticed a very slight improvement. It’s only been 2 days and can take up to 2 weeks to see any major benefits. I’m just hoping it gets slightly better everyday from now on but time will tell. I believe it’s worth a try!