Hello everyone, I hope everyone is as well as expected today.

I wonder if anyone can tell me about their experience with infections,

Does ms in general make your immune system weaker or would one of the drugs in my case Tecfidera lowers your immune system to?

ive just recovered from a urine infection well I think it was the hospital didn’t actually confirm whether it was urine or kidney either way I’ve got appointment for kidneys scan on Friday.

ive also been unwell with an ulcerative throat for about a week every month the past three months.

I feel unwell fatigue starts getting worse then temperature then I notice white ulcers on my throat by this time I’m feeling better again.

Can anyone relate to this or get infections all the time?

I’m wondering if I should change my treatment to something else.



hi ann

i had an infected abscess on my chest and it was worse then a UTI so i can’t imagine how poorly you feel.

talk to your ms nurse about your concerns that tecfidera has lowered your immune system to this point.

it does lower the lymphocyte count, that is why we have regular bloods done.

hope you shake those pesky infections off soon.

carole x

Hi Carol

Im feeling rough again since posting earlier and rang my ms nurse who looked on computer at what was tested etc at the hospital and apparently my urine is resistant to the type of antibiotics I’ve been given so I’ve had to ring gp back yet again leaving a message and now await their return call and hopefully they will prescribe some different ones that will work.

She did confirm that I’m more susceptible to catching bugs due to the Tecfidera I’m on but my blood count is not to low as to warrant changing unless I want to.

Im going to get some borrocca which has lots of vitamins in and maybe some high omega capsels but not sure which type are any good…

My understanding is that Tecfidera can bring about very low lymphocytes, which are the type of white blood cell that fights viruses rather than infections. So taking Tecfidera wouldn’t make you more prone to UTIs (bacterial infections) nor make them more antibiotic resistant.

Having a UTI should be cause for for surgery to send your urine sample to the lab to establish exactly which bacteria is causing the infection. They would then prescribe the appropriate antibiotic for that bacteria.

Your throat ulcers on the other hand you should see your GP or the practice nurse about. They should be able to swab the ulcers and see what is causing them.

If your MS nurse has confirmed that your white blood cells are in the ‘normal’ range, I shouldn’t worry about the Tecfidera. It’s only if your lymphocytes or neutrophils get very low and stay that way that you are at greater risk from viruses and infections. That’s the reason your blood is regularly tested. (Quite a few of the DMDs have the same potential to lower white blood cell counts, so unless the drug you’re taking is leaving you at risk, stick with it.)

Hopefully you’ll get the right antibiotic now and will start to feel healthier again very soon.