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I am new to the site. I am in my mid twenties and used to be a young carer for my mother who is at an advanced stage of MS. She is 50 years old and receives pretty much round-the-clock care in her home however because the Independent Living Fund is coming to an end, we have hit quite a dilemma where it is cutting 31 hours of her care, and her main carer who has been with us for 8 years is having to leave. My brother lives at home with my mother, I don’t live at home, however we are all concerned what the future holds with such drastic changes to her care. We are in contact with a local Advocacy to get as much advice and support as possible. I think our main issue is if she ends up “in care”, which would be damaging, mentally and physically for her, and for us.

Is anyone else on here going to be affected by the IFL being cut?

  • Nikki
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Hi Nikki

The ILF has meant my sister has been able to live independently for a number of years supported by Personal Assistants - she has been extremely worried about what the future now holds. She has had numerous meetings with Social Services to set up a suitable care plan but nothing is finalised yet. Has your mum got a social worker? One of the difficulties that my sister has encountered is that not all staff are up to speed on the changes that are being made - she has used an advocate to assist her. Sorry to not have more specific advice - be interested to read how others have got on as well. Best wishes.


Just googling ILF - would your Mum qualify for Continuing Health Care funding? Think this is maybe a separate assessment in conjunction with the NHS.

Thank you for your response Helsy.

My mother does have a Social Worker involved, yes, and he is currently putting together the new care plan. My mum’s main carer who has looked after her for 8 years officially handed in her notice today but I don’t think my mum realises she is leaving because she has no hours left to suit her. We didn’t ever anticipate my mother’s main carer leaving, and I worry what impact it will have on all of us.

I will Google what you mentioned on your other post.

Thank you.