Inconsistent Neurological Exam

I have a question and I hope it isn’t a stupid one. The doctors are exploring various things with me and I have not been diagnosed with MS at this time. I do have a number of the symptoms:

  • poor heat tolerance

  • poor bladder control

  • no knee reflexes and other reflexes odd.

With the gait and balance tests, I get different results at different times. Sometimes I cannot do the tandem walk test or the stand with your hands at your sides and eyes closed test. Other times I can do them. Does that make any sense?

I got into all of these tests when I complained to my GP about the bladder problem.

Is it normal for your neurological exam to be different at different times?

Hello Sean,

All neuro’s tend to give you many different tests, just be patient and hopefully they will put the pieces of your puzzle into place and come up with the answer. Just out of curiosity how many neuro’s have you seen?

Good luck



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Hi. I’ve seen different doctors at different dates and frankly I’m not sure who’s who. I know some of them are residents and some are actually surgeons.

Anyway, they are sending me for an EMG in December! If I don’t die of old age before being diagnosed with whatever is wrong with my nerves I will be surprised.

Hi Sean I have had a similar experience but in my case it is the doctors doing the tests making different findings ie stating reflexes are normal when they are brisk or absent and one coached me through one test to get the result he wanted.

The waiting for tests results and appointments can be soul destroying but hang on in there and I hope you have answers soon Sue