In two minds.

I cannot decide about the NHS. Here is a short account of my recent experiences:


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Read all your comments and agree with most, as I have had the same problems and frustration, the people on the ground have been excellent. When Jeremy Hunt was health minister he had a thought proposal that you could use all the money you had contributed into national insurance over the years to spend as you wished. For instance come out of NHS and use your pot of money for private treatment. I would certainly do that as the NHS is a monster which consumes vast amounts of money. If the trend of giving it more money year by year continues there will be no money left for anything else in 30 years. I go past my surgery every day and it is always packed. I never go any more, it is too much hassle. I just get my repeat prescriptions. If I could have my pot of money I would leave the NHS and go private which would free up space for the people who love free thinks. Remember there is nothing free in life we all pay over the odds for the NHS. Bertie