In for a penny………

There have been a number of threads in the past about what people spend DLA on and the extra costs associated with being disabled. I just wanted to add this simple illustration.

I wanted to use my wheelchair at my computer desk but it had a shelf at the bottom and I couldn’t pull up to it. So I thought I would treat my self to a new desk.

It’s only a small space but I found one that would accommodate my chair. Arranged for my lovely son n law to build the new desk and swap my stuff over.

  • My printer and paper used to go on the bottom shelf and now there’s nowhere to put it so I need to buy a wi-fi printer that I can put in another room.
  • The new desk is glass and my laser mouse won’t work so I need to buy a mouse mat.
  • My previous desk was a corner one which left room for a standard lamp next to the sofa. It doesn’t fit now so I need to buy a desk lamp.

A new desk – which I only needed because of my wheelchair – has forced me to buy a new printer, a mouse mat and a desk lamp.

This is nothing to do with aids and adaptations but everything to do with MS and the fact that transferring to an office chair is beyond me. Politicians who grumble about DLA want to try life on wheels.


Hi Jane

It sounds so simple, changing your desk, but turned into such a huge expense. You’re right, the politicians wouldn’t see the bigger picture.

The politicians can’t see beyond saving money. I work in the public sector and I was ‘delighted’ to note that I will still be on a pay freeze this year (note the sarcasm).

I’m only on the low rate care component of DLA but it makes a difference as I do struggle to cook a main meal. Try explaining to a politician that I have to buy ready made mash as I am fed up of watching fresh potatoes bounce across the floor whilst trying to peel them and chop them, and I buy ready chopped veg (or frozen) for the same reason. I also buy ready meals for a couple of days a week and I prefer the better quality ones with real meat and veg in them as I still try to eat healthily. When I do cook I always manage to drop food (especially something really messy like a raw egg) on a freshly mopped floor that has taken my precious energy to clean in the first place. Politicians don’t understand nerve damage in our hands or the difficulty with fatigue. I also use the DLA to pay someone to do my gardening when I am not able to. It also costs me a lot more to buy shoes these days as sensible, comfortable shoes seem to cost a lot more than fashionable shoes with no real support.

Add to that the pay freeze so my pay doesn’t cover inflation and the worry about when my DLA will cease as I won’t have enough points under PIP and it’s almost as if they are trying to make us all give up hope.

Tracey x

Hi Jane,

I treat myself with some of my DLA on having someone come and cut my toe nails as I can’t reach them myself. I’d love to see the politicians having to have someone else cut their toe nails. Such a simple example but works out to be expensive when you live on a pension. Good for you Jane, if it makes your life easier, surely that’s what it’s about!



Hi, I also spend my DLA on the ongoing cots of keeping up with the damage, repair, renewal of things due to my condition.

we use a lot of electricity for the daily showers, washing, drying of clothes and bedding due to incontinence, keeping my air mattress, profiing bed, hoist, and wheelchair charged up.

I`ve just bought my 4th pack of pants, as the urgency of my toilet needs cause my nix to be yanked up and down quickly. I cant buy cheap nix, as they dont last long.

Hubby is just about to lay the 5th lot of flooring in the wet room. My commode and wheelchair cause it to get rucked up and lumpy!

Costs of living with a serious health condition go on and on. It`s frightening to think I may lose some of my care package costs soon, plus perhaps the same for DLA.

No fun, is it?

luv Pollx