Important Money Refunds - (POA)

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Money refund is available for people that have an active ‘Power of Attorney’ - not sure if this has been highlighted before.

Basically Government overcharged initially when the original ‘POA’s’ were being made, and as such they are now paying back the overcharged amounts including 0.5% accrued interest.

As usual this is not being widely advertised or automatically repaid - so if you don’t claim you’re unlikely to get.

Method to reclaim is very simple and can be done online within 10 minutes - very easy!!!

Amounts repaid can vary between £35 to £45 depending on when ‘POA’ was setup.

Copy and paste each link info into you browser to view - these site links below clarify all info:

(1) This link takes you to direct page for reclaiming: Claim a power of attorney refund - GOV.UK

(2) This link gives more detail regarding the refund (courtesy of Money Saving Expert):


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Thankyou. At last, something worthwhile.