Income based ESA

Hello good people.

Last August I received a letter stating that I was entitled to income based ESA as opposed to the contribution based they had given me for the last seven years.

Has anyone else had this?

From a recent phone call and a recorded message, it seems as though they are making amends for underpayments.

I wonder if they will go all the way back to 2012? (Hope over expectation.) But even if it just goes back to last August it’ll be handy.

Has anyone received back payments yet?

Best wishes, Steve

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I keep being sent letters saying ‘we sent you an ESA(IB) claim form and you haven’t returned it. You’ve got until X date (and they keep stretching the date). If you don’t want to claim because you don’t think you’ll qualify (I definitely won’t) then ignore this letter’. So I keep ignoring it, and they keep writing.

I think they’re going back as far as when the switch from IB to ESA happened. They reckon most of the underpayments are from 2011 to 2014. So some people are getting several thousand pounds. It’s not exactly instead of contribution based, it’s as well as - so a top up if you’re entitled.

I hope you do qualify, it would be a nice present to get.


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Hello Steve,

do fill in the forms as most people are entitled to many thousands of back pay. I know someone who received over £15,000.

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