Im so bloody scared...


I am waiting on diagnosis, I am seeing my consultant Dr Nicholas on 27th Sept. I have had an abnormal MRI & VEP. I have also been referred to the MS clinic in October.

On saturday, i have unbelieved pain in my right arm along with a burning sensation and numbness, it eventually wore off after several pain killers. Last night it happened again, only this time worse the pain was as above but also when down my leg along the the tingling/numbness and burning sensation. This time pain killers did not help so i called nhs direct who told me to go straight to A&E. Waited forever there without being seen by a dr, had a normal ecg, then an emergency came it which meant my 2 hour wait would end up to be a 5 hour wait so we came home at 4am this morning.

I snatched 2 hours sleep before i had to get up for work. My right side is numb and feels like its burning. im dragging my leg and have a constant ache & tingling in it. I rang my gp but could not get an appointment, i also rang the ms nurse clinic but no answer

Im so scared that if i do get diagnosed with MS, this is a relapse

Advice please xxx

Hi Tracy

What an awful time you are having at the moment. ((hugs))

Keep ringing the ms nurse/gp to get some help. Be persistent. You may be able to bring your appointment forward a bit.

Do you really need to be at work at the moment? You don’t sound well enough to be honest.

What happened at the hospital? did they not offer you any help or a follow up?

It sounds as if you may be close to a diagnosis if you have been referred to an ms clinic. You are getting the correct help but because of your symptoms at the mo you may need steroids if you are in relapse. GP can give you these.

Try not to worry too much. I know thats difficult.

The time around diagnosis has been the worst time by far for me so far(7yrs). Try to rest and don’t be so hard on yourself and don’t feel guilty for resting.

As soon as you get your appointments you will be given medication for your problems and hopefully will see an improvement.

Teresa. x