I'm scared

Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum and I’m scared stiff! I’m awaiting MRI in April due to my symptoms. I am so scared I could cry! My GP has not given me any reassurance and I could really do with some positive words please. I am having so may symptoms right now, and I am stressing out that I will always feel this bad! x x

Hi darling,

what kind of symptoms are you having?

I know it is very scarey - especially awaiting an MRI - but don’t you worry, it is an extremely positive thing that you have been referred for an MRI. That means you have a diligent doctor who is on your side - a wonderful first step toward getting things sorted!

There are SO SO many illnesses/conditions with symptoms that mimic MS. From vitamin deficiencies to a huge number of other things (many not chronic or serious at all)

if it does turn out to be MS related then many people still live a completely normal life with it. MS is a completely variable disease ranging from what can be a benign course (this can only be known in the years that follow diagnosis) to something more serious. Only a small percentage of people have the truly tough side of things - some of which are on this forum - and they are the loveliest strongest most inspirational people you could imagine.

So - think positively - you are having an MRI soon - that is a very positive thing! Many people present with symptoms that truly look like MS and it turns out to be something completely different e.g vitamin D deficiency.

tell us a little more about how you are feeling and what your symptoms are.

Keira x

ps there are marathon runners with MS and there are new wonder drugs coming out all the time xx

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Hi Keira. not sure if I have sent this message twice as my laptop went funny. Looking back, I think I have been having mild symptoms for years, but since Dec/Jan My hands have buzzed/tingled, arms feel like they have been punched, left leg has felt heavy, black spots and flashes in eyes, stiff neck, headaches, then this morning part of my face felt numb for a few hours.

My leg did feel slightly better this morning(trying to pluck out a positive).

Some people have said it sounds like I am having quite a severe “flare up” and that you feel depressed and anxious during one and that I should “ride it out”.

I’m just worried as I enjoy running, cycling and keep fit… are you saying I could indeed carry on with my hobbies? I also enjoy painting/shabbying furniture which I can’t do due to these blasted hands!

Is there a chance my hands could eventually stop buzzing?

Now this will make you laugh…I’m a nurse! and I am also a terrible patient…can you tell?? x x x

There is a huge chance you will carry on as normal even if you do have MS! Many many people continue to run, climb and do all manner of things.

You may encounter challenges along the way but so do people with hip problems, arthritis or any other kind of health challenge. I believe one lady actually ran a marathon every day for a year just to prove that MS isn’t the monster of a disease that many people think it is.

The symptoms you describe could be down to a huge number of things - many of them not sinister at all. When I was recovering from an episode I had the tingling/buzzing you describe and my neurologist said it was my nerves repairing themselves.

The body is an amazing thing but it’s your MIND that is the most powerful. Try to ease your anxiety in the run up to the MRI. Maybe do a little research about the conditions that can mimic MS e.g vitamin D deficiency - it’s good to be clued up about these things.

if it does turn out to be something more serious (and that’s a big IF) comfort yourself with the fact that they are making massive breakthroughs with treatment.

Take care and try not to worry. So many people have been in your position with those symptoms and it’s turned out not to be MS

keira x


A final point! Yes - your hands could stop buzzing. My buzzing stopped after a month x

What an excellent post Keira. xxxx

All those symptoms can be attributed to so many things and some exacerbated through anxiety.

Yes keep on with your hobbies, just lead your normal life. Hun nothing to be scared of, it took me 10 years to get diagnosed, and boy i did a lot in between lol…

The buzzing in hands well it could be vitimin defiency or even over training…

Yeh your a nurse your the worse lol…

The black spots and flashes in eyes are not MS related usually.

I know its easy for us to say dont be scared but it is scary, however, what will be will be and in the meantime you must live your life normally and dont be too anxious. Your symptoms could be virus triggered anything.

What i suggest always to people is. Do a timeline of when it all started, what happened prior if anything even changes in life style etc.

Then only write down the main symptoms the ones that impact your life, not the ones that are irritating.

Then see if there is a pattern.

good luck on your MRI, if it is MS its a longish road ahead so you might as well just sit back and enjoy your life…you can still do so even after a diagnosis. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ah, thank you darling. That’s very kind of you to say xx

Thank you both so much…woke up with numb hands this morning and I did not panic! I let it subside and kept calm… My head feels heavy today but I am determined to get my back side up and bathed… positive thinking! x x x

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That’s the way forward!!! Great stuff!!!

So pleased xxx

Hi Lisady

Keira is right, so many people with MS (and MS like conditions) lead full and active lives. Some things will have to be put aside, but others will continue, and new things will come along - for me, I had to give up teaching Pole Fitness (can’t feel stuff properly on the whole of my left side, hand, arm, leg, foot) and my Law studies (the information goes in, but when it comes out again is anybody’s guess), but I have continued with Taekwondo (I’m only a few gradings away from becoming a Black Belt), and have recently taken up knitting again, which I haven’t done in years!

I have a variety of symptoms, some of which are constant, others that come and go depending on how tired I am, whether I have over-heated, gotten too cold etc. I find the buzzing occurs when I haven’t had enough sleep - like the last few nights (staying up way too late) and now my left leg is buzzing for Britain, feels like its full of Bumble Bees.

I have medication to control the pain (which is my main symptom), I’m hoping to have oxygen treatment (breathing pure oxygen in a pressure chamber) in the near future which will hopefully help with the fatigue and balance issues I have.

Meditation is very useful, I think there is something on the website here about Mindfulness Meditation (I think that’s what it was called). If that sounds a bit ‘Hippy’ you could try watching some of Ajahn Brahm’s youtube videos - he is a Buddhist Monk, and gives talks on all manner of subjects - his talks are always on point and I find them quite relaxing.

Lisady, I understand how you feel. I am waiting my diagnosis which i hope will be any time. I have had 2 MRI, CT, Ultrasound and xray. I have been scanned that much i could sit on a shelf at Tesco!

I know some days are hard to deal with, but i am not going to let ‘this’ control me, i will control ‘it’. I went back to university in September to prove to myself i can!

Life is not over you just need to adjust a few things and try to remain positive. Good luck with it all. We are always here.

p.s thank goodness for spell check :slight_smile:

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Hi TheresaB

You said…like the last few nights (staying up way too late) and now my left leg is buzzing for Britain, feels like its full of Bumble Bees.

LOL, they made me chuckle I say the exact same thing. Thats how it feels, and yes it is worse when i am over tired, over heated, have UTI etc. Its so part of me now i just accept it.

I love your positive attitude and that is the way forward I think with most chronic illnessess. xx Rosie

Thats the way to do it lisady… positive thinking and attitude. The way i deal with it is this…its been with me 10 years now probably way longer, and I am still here reading your posts lol…

Yes i get some weird stuff and my life has changed completely, but in a way its cool, as i get to spend more time doing the things i love, i have even gone back to web designing for friends. I know it might take me like three times longer then it did before but the results are cool, and it gives me something to do.

Keep us posted, and if you need support just shout. xxx

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Hi there, the first symptoms that sent me to my gp and ultimately to my diagnosis were numb/fizzy legs and arms. I still have fizzing in my legs, especially if I have been walking and then suddenly stop but my hands have returned to normal although I do have to get my other half to open jars etc as I don’t have quite the same strength in them that I used to. Your symptoms may come and go and some of them may also ease away entirely. Also, you will adapt to the new sensations your body is experiencing, some of them will stop or become less severe and those that do persist can, to a degree, be ignored because they become the new ‘normal’ for you. Do try not to stress yourself too much (easy to say I know) as this won’t help either mentally or physically, and try to focus on all the small adjustments you can make to help make things better for yourself. Chin up my sweet! x

Hi Curlie, oh yes the fizzing in the legs I know it well lol. Its been with me since it started in 2006, and if i over do it, it fizzes worse. I do think i have gotten used to it now though.