Im Not OK!

I feel miserable… Im stuck indoors most of the time… I resent my husband for bein ‘able’ to go out… I resent all my friends for being busy with their own lives… because my life has become ‘being at home’ or going to hospital appts.

I feel like my independence has been taken… i feel unhappy. I got off citalopram 2 years ago and have been doing awesome since, but am starting to feel like I might need them again… which is making me feel more unhappy, and like ive failed somehow.

I KNOW, i shouldnt feel this way… but yet somehow i still do, and i cant stop it.

Im generally a positive person… but i can feel my grasp slipping and the unhappy feelings are slowly catching up with the happy feelings in number…

I know my advice is going to be to talk to someone or tell the MS nurse, but I dont even feel like i want to do that… I just dont know what to do…

Of course you’re not ok Anon and who in their right minds would be in your situation? Even the most positive person in the world would get p****d off and you have every right to be angry and frustrated! Have you told your hubby how you feel?

The good thing is that you can see where things are heading and that even though you don’t feel you want to talk to anyone, you know that you are going to have to bite the bullet and do it because you are a strong person (even though you’re a bit wobbly at the moment).

You have not failed at all hun, if anything you are showing how strong you are. You know the best thing for you and you know you will feel awesome again with a little help and time.

All you need is a little support and some joy in your life and I can’t help with the joy but I’m thinking you some big (((hugs))).

Take care hun & feel free to message me if you need to chat,

Mags xx

You may be suffering from Clinical Depression, or be in a low mood, which is entirely natural and understandable given your circumstances. It does take time to adjust to living with an illness such as MS.

There are herbal remedies available over the counter from High Street Pharmacies which can help relieve periods of anxiety and stress. These are not designed to be taken for long periods of time though, so if you take them and the symptoms do not go away, you might wish to talk to your GP about other options.

Counselling can help, because although you cannot change the fact that you have MS, you can change your attitude towards it. Accepting the things you can’t change, changing what you can change, and determining the difference between the two, is often a powerful healer.

Hi my lovely

You somehow need to rebalance so the scales are tipped to the positives. Its not easy buttry to think of all the good things in your life and everytime a negative thought comes in overload it with positive ones. I don’t know if you have any hobbies but try to find one you can do as they can lift your spirits. It sounds like you need to tell your other half about how you’re feeling as they might be thinking they are doing everthing to support you when you don’t feel this is the case. Try aranging some time out together. Believe me I know this is not easy (I’m a wheelchair user) but a trip to the pictures or a nice meal out does me the world of good, so this may help you. When I first came onto the site Hazelwah used to write jokes and these kept me going through my dark days. Then there is Poll who brightened my life and loads of others (sorry can’t name everyone there are so many) who helped just by being there to support others. These are all here for you now and I hope for you its the same as it was for me - a great comfort.

I wish I knew of better ways to help but the best I can do is offer support and send you BIG WARM ((((((((((HUGS)))))))) to wrap yourself to make you feel better.

Love, Mary

Allow yourself to be miserable… MS sucks! You can’t be positive all the time, it’s a resentful disease. I think of it as a silverback gorillia but you/we can survive. M

I am sorry you are feeling so low. Perhaps you have actually answered your own question re citalopram? Depression makes it so hard to make the most of life. When that is being managed, everything else can get a whole lot easier. But it is so hard to admit that to oneself when low mood is dominating, I know. Maybe you should ask yourself what you would suggest to a friend who was in this boat? Sometimes we are better at being kind to others than to ourselves. I hope the sun comes out for you soon. Alison x

Hi. Thanks all for your comments… I think I’m going to bite th bullet and speak to my ms nurse. Let her know how down I’m feeling but that I’m not ready t reach .fr the antid s yet. At least then she will keep a check on me.

lt might be you need vitamin b12 injections - these help enormously when you are feeling so low. google ‘could it be b12’-

Vitamin d3 also helps with many problems including pain and depression.

Don’t put up with it - speak out loudly - make sure someone listens!!!

Hi love. im sorry i dont know your name, to call you by it. If going anon is how you feel you need to be to post your topic, then i understand.

Your feelings of loss, despair and gloom are entirely natural. I am quite a long way in my journey and i can identify with what you`re saying.

One good thing is that youve realised you are at this point just now, so maybe you could speak to your GP. If you dont feel like seeing him/her, you could always ask for a telephone appointment. I do that myself quite often.

In becoming unable to get out of the house, have you thought about applying for a wheelchair at all? This could be an answer. If you feel you can`t go out alone, and there is no-one to accompany you, what about applying for Direct Payments? I use this service myself and have paid carers who take me out, as I need someone with me for the loo, crossing the road, etc.

I do hope you can find your way to a better place soon.

much love, Polly xx


Wow- I read your post out to my partner as you have described exactly how I feel.

This is what I have been doing to keep from going into that rotten dark place.

Watch a film - it helps to escape to a different place for a short while and allows your brain a break

Read - Whether its a cheesy book or something that you are interested in

Shout/scream/sing - It helps, it really does

I wish I knew where you were so that we could throw some eggs at a wall and shout and cry at the injustice .

Hang in there, and give your husband a big cuddle please

You must really love him to feel so bad.

I hope that it helps for you to know that there are people who reallt care and understand


Thanks all… Booboo … you’ve mad me smile. Ironically last week I read the first book I’ve read in years! Watched a film each day for the last 3 days(not watched any in months)… and sang loudly to some music I haven’t listened to in ages… …oh and gave my husband a BIG cuddle this afternoon! I actually feel like throwing some eggs now!

Anyime ANON

Everyone has cp times but it aint’t good when you feel that you are on your own having the cp time.

Good film to watch is Hugo -----aw it takes you to a fantastic magical place OR War horse

Anyway, just post on forum if you need some eggs or even a chicken or two!!!

Take care