Has anyone on here feel there mental health is going down hill and their family are shunning and shutting them out because they can’t cope or are to embarrassed, Ever since i had a hysterectomy it does not take long for me to get wound up and tearful when things go wrong and the more things go wrong the more things go wrong. I just cry and cry and shout telling me to shut up does not help. All my family want to do is put me on the happy pills which i don’t wan to do because once you ge ton them its hard to ge toff them i also don’t want to gain weight i have disc problems which i manage well the last thing i want is extra weight . this may just be hormones but having read on the MS website what im experiencing looks very similar to what is written. I have never been told I have MS but it keeps coming back if you know what i mean. I stopped caring for my mother as i could not cope and my two sisters are punishing me because they have to get off the back side and do their share

Hello Fiona

You’ve not explained why you suspect you may have MS. All you’ve said is that you are suffering with your mental health and that you are depressed (I am guessing at that since you say all you want to do is cry.)

Have you seen your GP about what you are experiencing? Is it the GP who wants you to try antidepressants? Or just your family?

Many people do take antidepressants very successfully and also manage to come off them when they find they are no longer needed. It’s not the same as in the past, when people would take a benzodiazepine (such as Diazepam) and find it hard to give them up.

If you’ve not seen your GP, I would suggest that it might be useful. If your GP thinks you should be referred to a neurologist, perhaps because you have symptoms that could be explained by a neurological condition, then they will refer you.

Best of luck.


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thanks for your post i have damage in my brain but no one knows what is it or why. every time I accept its not MS something happens and it brings it write back again. I have a bit of Anxiety due to looking after my mother with no help from any family i snapped and left and its turned a bit nasty. It does not help whnen a neighbour is telling people i have learning difficulties with a mental health issue according to this person it was my sisters who said this so i don’t know who is lying. There is a very strong chance my mum has dementia and my two sister are to put it bluntly in denial about it. I don’t have a mental health issue. I don’t want to go on antidepressant because of the weight gain. i have two naked discs in my neck which i manage because i am a health weight. My two sisters just want to pump me with god knows what in the hope the problem will go away it won’t because they have caused the problem by not doing their fair share with my mum. i have not had a holiday in all the time i cared for my mother they have only been doing it a few months few hours here and their and already taken a holiday.