I'm getting worse...

Hi again, I hope you don’t mind me posting again but I’ve been getting other symptoms that I’m rather scared of, the falling is intermittent but yesterday happened in the middle of my own home not out on a road somewhere. I’m also having problems urinating this could be linked to a med increase or related it’s like I’m not going properly I can drink loads and only go for a few pitiful toilets a day but every few days I think it all decides it needs to come out and I need to go a lot which was yesterday and very frustrating today I’m back to not going at all really so far. This happens in periods it happened probably a month or so ago it lasted for a few weeks then went but now it’s back. The other thing is since friday (it randomly started) I’m getting weird sensations in my left like hot water it doesn’t happen for long but happens multiple times a day, mostly when sitting but it’s leaving my leg feeling very weak and achy as well as my foot tingling now I rang my cpn who’s reducing my antidepressant (it was increased from 50 to 100 in one go) as it can cause weird sensations. It’s still happening though, I’m keeping a diary that I’m going to give the GP I’m seeing. I’m already on Gabapentin for trigeminal neuralgia, should it be coming through this? I mean my neuralgia still happens sometimes but the majority it’s more of an intense ache than electric shock which is way better. For the past couple of months I’ve had slurred speech but mums saying I’m barely making sense at the moment unless I’m being really loud and talking slowly so I’m not really talking my mouth just feels weak. I feel like I’m being a hypochondriac but I’m seriously worried this is definitely something and something has been happening for years but due to my mental health became ignored. It started with aches and pains in random places, repetitive UTI’s then went on to severe back pain and incontinence (I’ve been told this could have been a slipped disk that went undiagnosed) as well as tightness in my legs. I could barely walk. Then the neuralgia started. Headaches that would last days. My posture and balance has always been bad but deteriorating, now I’m falling for no reason and limping because I’m in a lot of pain in my left leg. As far as im aware ive not had any numbness. All my symptoms were put down to mental health but now it’s getting worse and I’m mentally well I’m hoping as I’m going to a doctor not familiar with my history he’ll listen. What I’m asking is am I alone with this? Has anyone had similar? Is there any alternative treatments (particularly for the urinary problems and pain) that can help these symptoms or anythfing medical you’d recommend? How do I make my doctor listen? I don’t really have intention of overloading him unless he asks questions but am going with the falling, leg thing and urinary problems (I wouldn’t normally mention that but mum insists I have to) mum is coming with me and probably will take over as she’s my carer and I’m bad at explaining myself as I fear no-one will believe me, I’m rubbish at being my own advocate but I think if this carries on I will fight I don’t want to go through another bad phase. I’m sorry how long this is I’m feeling awful and need someone who understands hopefully there will be someone here. I hope you’re all coping as best as your day is letting you, Take care.

Hello hun.

I have read several times here, just how may folk struggle to get a GP or a neuro to listen, when someone has a history of mental health problems.

I feel so sorry for you and others in this situation.

If it was me or a member of my family, I think I would ask to see a different doctor. …at the same practice or if that cant happen, then change to another surgery.

You say you are going to see another doc, then good…I hope he is better.

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