Doctors appointment

Hiya all, I had my first doctors appointment today (GP) this was the first time I went with a few symptoms since I was 16. I went with falling, hot water feeling in left leg and inability to urinate properly. He was lovely and listened he didn’t think it was the med increase and he didn’t seem to think it was my mental health which is a relief. He believed me, he recognised I’ve been going with odd symptoms over the years and seemed to package it together, he got me on the bed, he told me I have a positive babinski sign I’m not exactly sure what this is I googled and still am not sure (Medicine is not my speciality) and my reflexes were very strong on my left side but not on my right, anyone knows what this might mean? I also couldn’t lift my left leg as high as my right I didn’t know this until he made me do it, it felt heavy and when he stretched it, it hurt and is still hurting a lot from where he did so, I’m worried about that. Also when he touched my leg it felt very odd, like I could feel him touching me but it felt very detached, I can’t really explain it, anyone feel familiar with this? It’s specifically my left side is this the same with any of you? That your symptoms are worse on one side? His conclusion was to do blood work, see what that says and see him next week possible referal to neuro. I’m relieved because he was looking at me as a whole… One thing though, he didn’t get me to do a urine sample, does anyone know why? I’m struggling to empty my bladder properly, I know it’s not all of it and I get pressure when in a few days I’ll get very desperate and it’ll all come out and I have to be very careful not t be too far from a toilet. I thought this would warrent one to check for UTI’s or am I wrong? Sorry about all the questions. It seems something might be actually happening for the first time and I’m very nervous… Hoping someone can help me with these questions, please. Hope your day is letting you cope as best as possible!

Did he ask you if your bladder issue was causing you pain? My GP asked this, and when I said no, it’s just uncomfortable and he checked the fulness of my bladder he was satisfied it was not a UTI and so didnt do a sample. I have same bladder issues. Mine have settled a bit a few weeks in. Hope yours do too.

Thank you for your reply, He didn’t ask whether it was causing me pain but I didn’t think I explained myself very well as I was nervous, just said I know I’m not going properly and when I do go not much is coming out. It might be he wants to see whether it eases or gets worse etc… My mum was there and took it to mean he thinks it’s connected but I just thought I’d ask here too. I was rather stumped because I’m so annoyed with it as I have a revision seminar this weekend and don’t want to be leaving seminars and not going properly or depending on how my bladder is, having a very desperate day, I’m actually hoping I just have an inability to go for those few days. I’m sorry you are going through similar things but am glad it’s easing, I’m hoping mine does too, getting rather frustrated now. Thanks again, take care!

Hi little sparrow, generally a uti makes you want to go more often not have trouble going, so I expect that is why he did not check the urine. Also it does sound like you have something neurological going on, a positive babinski sign is fairly conclusive of that, so perhaps looking at the whole picture a uti seemed unlikely. It sounds like he has taken bloods to rule out things like vitamin b12 deficiency as a cause of neuro symptoms before referring you to neurology (this means there will be less delay for you). I am pleased you feel he is listening to you - stick with him! Leah :slight_smile:

Sorry, forgot to say: babinski sign is when they scratch the bottom of your foot. After the age of 2, the normal response is a downward turn of the big toe and splaying out sideways of the others. With certain kinds of neurological damage, an abnormal response happens which is the UPTURNING of the big toe. It is fairly conclusive evidence of neurological problems. The reflexes being strong on one side is called hyperreflexia. This happens on one side if there is upper motor neurone problems. In effect this means it’s the brain and spinal cord part of things not the nerves that feed the muscles. Again a strong sign of neurological issues. Leah :slight_smile:

I sympathise with you Hun . It’s uncomfortable in that when you need to wee it doesn’t empty. The other day it took me 20 mins to have a wee! I just couldn’t get the bladder to do its job! Not ideal if you’re out and about. Mine seems to be calming down a bit and I’m sure it will with you. It’s just how this condition is. It sure keeps us on our toes!xx

Wow thank you Leah!

Very informative and made much more sense than google, so thanks!

What you say makes sense with the UTI, I understand why he may have not done so now! As for something neurological going on, we’ve suspected it for years but as my mental health stabalised we thought maybe it was just all that but now I’m still getting symptoms and it could be my mental health was a symptom. I’m relieved I’m being seen as a whole, but now that a diagnosis of whatever could be looming, I’m getting worried which is ironic when all I’ve wanted for years is to be heard when it came to my physical symptoms. Parents are worried too, my mum has always suspected something as the pain started before the mental health but like me now something may be happening it’s making it real.

I think he’s the first doctor to listen to me since I was 16 (I’m 21), we were just relieved, he knows the family (well he’ll put two and two together looking at my history), he was wonderful with my grandad with his strokes and eventual dementia, I’ll never forget that, he’s also good with my nan, I wasn’t sure how he’d help me at my age but he looked back and must have thought something must be happening just like we did.

Thank you for your response! That was really helpful and means a lot!

Take care.

Thank you Beverly also!

We posted at the same time! Thanks for the sympathy, I’m glad I’m not alone but sorry you have to go through it too, how long did it last before it eased off? Or is it different for everyone? Mine’s gone on about a week and a bit, hopefully it won’t last long now. Oof thankfully I haven’t had to wait twenty minutes but I’m very impatient and just walk away come back and try again, but last night before bed did that three times only to produce a little amount each time, very annoying!

Thanks, it definitely does keep us on our toes!

Take care.

Hiya :slight_smile: yep, it lasted for about…I think it’s been 2 and a half weeks roughly now. It’s eased a lot in that say if I ‘went’ 8 times a day, it’d play up 2. So I think it’s on it’s way out. I hope yours clears up soon and that the seminar goes well. If it’s still causing hassle, could you have a word with whoever is doing the seminar? Just say that you may have to excuse yourself a few times? If you had a dictaphone or a recording thingy on your phone, you could leave it running while you went…or record the whole thing? Best of luck chuck xxxx