i'm a disgrace! (not ms)

i have been feeling sorry for myself because of acid reflux.

yesterday my husband asked me to go out with him and i said no, i’m feeling awful.

then i thought better and agreed to go out.

i got disgracefully drunk but had a good time.

this morning i woke up with awful pain in my chest.

i came downstairs and ran through possible causes - ms hug? (no.) hangover? (surprisingly not.) heartburn? (could be.)

then i realised that my left thigh felt bruised, the same side as the pain in my chest.

as my memory of last night began to come back, i remembered falling in our bathroom.

i have a massive bruise on my thigh and probably bruised or cracked a rib!

i also remembered how i fell - off the loo!

that’s why i’m a disgrace.

carole x


Carole, you have made me laugh this morning, poor you I hope your not in too much pain. You were right to go out with your husband and have some fun. We can all wake up in pain without having a night out, at least today there is reason that isn’t ms.

ann x

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i know ann.

i laughed myself when i remembered falling off the loo!


carole x

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Oh never mind at least you went out! Quality job

Jules x

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Glad the night out cheered you up.

The bruise will go!


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Disgraceful Carole

I’m impressed. Well done, it’s been years since I allowed myself to get that pissed.


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lol good for you girl hope your pain subsides though

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Oh Carole you do make me laugh.

At least you remember how you got the bruise and other pains. Be worse if you couldn’t remember. What if you had got into a fight. Lol!!

I’ve had times like that in the past as I expect a lot of us have.

At least you went out and had a good time.

Hope you bruise and pains get better soon.

H xxx

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To the Lush,

Think of them as war wounds hun. Hope you feel better soon.

But the t-shirt I showed you on facebook - ‘I’m not Drunk, I have MS’ - you definitely need one that says AND rather than the comma.

JBK xx (thinking about becoming teetotal )

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hey JBK…thinking about becoming teetotal…it`s enough to drive you to drink!

I know…groan!


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and I’m an Irishwoman too Poll. Will they let me back into Ireland do you think? (well the Norn Iron part)

JBK xx

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Hi, Yes things like this have happened to me…dont feel bad…could have been worse…life is for liivng …

thank you celtic girl

i’m still in agony but it was fun until i fell off the loo!

how embarassing if an ambulance had been called.

my husband was buying stella artois when he went to the bar but it makes me burp which sets off the acid reflux so i kept going myself and buying shots and whisky.

i get giddy when i’m let out!

carole x


That’s why I’m not allowed out!!! Only lunchtimes, and it’s pretty hard to get that giddy on a single glass of wine, even if it gets topped up!!