illness mimics MS

Hi all in limboland, Has anyone here been tested for Hughes syndrome also known as antiphospholipid syndrome, It mimics almost completely MS but there are no lesions on MRI and no positive lumber puncture. It is diagnosed by a simple blood test and can be treated with blood thinning drugs. The condition is sometimes refered to as sticky blood because tiny weeny clots form in the blood not enough to cause stroke or DVT but what happens is it stops oxygen getting to the brain and causes ms symptoms .Please check out Huhes syndrome on the internet ( hughes syndrome foundation) proffessor hughes colleagues are always interested to see people with MS symptoms but with negative test results because he believes initial testing for MS should also include automatically a blood test to rule out Hughes Syndome . The team at ST Thomases are desperately trying to raise awareness of Hughes in Neurological circles but sadly many people slip through the net and are not offered the blood test Which is quick and cheap, please give it some thought as Hughes is very treatable and often mis diagnosed as MS and sometimes ME. Best of luck to you all , take care

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Yes I have APS and Lupus along with AS & MS and as an after thought osteoporosis. I’m just plain greedy. The APS for me was discovered when I had a MRI scan and the Lupus from a blood test. It is extremely difficult to know when you have pain as to which is giving it to you. They are all connected to CNS.


Hello there,I have just been reading up on something for another forum user.

B12 deficiency mimics MS symptoms.

I am NOT saying this is your issue as I am not a doctor but it is worth a read.


Hi, thanks for bringing this subject up. I have been tested for Hughes, but it came back negative.

i did some research on Hughes, when it was possible that I had it.

There are many folk mis-diagnosed with MS, when it is Hugehs and yes, so easy to treat!

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