Not MS but something else!

Hi All,

I have had my diagnosis (after 12 months 3weeks) and had no O bands in CSF, no lesions in cervical spine only in my brain. The MS Neurologist has said that I have Cerebral small blood vessel disease which is extensive. It’s one of the MS symptom mimics. I’ve been having silent strokes for goodness knows how long which cause fatigue, memory issues, brain fog, affected gait and vision problems. Very like some MS symptoms.

So it’s good news that I don’t have MS but this brings with it another set of issues especially when I have none of the risk factors for such a disease like high BP, high cholesterol or diabetes. So I’ll be starting on blood thinning meds and statins to hopefully stave off a future major stroke, along with the Mediterranean diet, moderate exercise to keep me mobile and lots of vitamins and fresh air. The damage I have from the white matter lesions is not reversible so I have some cognitive impairment and problems with walking.

Whilst I’ve been in limbo land I have gained a lot of support from people on this forum I couldn’t have managed without it, it’s been such a bumpy journey and being able to get advice or have a rant here has helped. So thank you very much as it’s unlikely I will continue in this forum and now need to look for a stroke forum.

Best wishes to everyone in your journey

Lou xx

Good luck Lou x

Best of luck Lou.

Sue x

I’m sure there will be an on line support group.

Is it sticky blood syndrome?

I don’t have ms, but they allow me to continue to lurk hereabouts!

Good luck chuck.