Illicit drugs and MS

As the title says, id like peoples thoughts on the above combo.

Im kind of feeling why not at the moment, ie, go out and have as much fun as possible before im immobile. That usually means going to town and getting wasted. Plenty of alcohol, and more often than not drugs. Cocaine, ecstacy.

Ive mentioned previously i was a big drug user from my teens (ms specialist says this had no bearing on my ms) until my mid twenties, and only now and again since. Just recently though ive got the urge to go out and do it all again and make the most of “my” time. I have another 2 parties before end of june.

I know these things have their pros and cons, but was looking for opinions now matter how harsh.

you do what you like. its your life and you have to live it.

i know a woman who has had ms for 11 years or so and parties and takes things that some people dont agree with. she said im living my life the best i can and enjoying myself wile i can. ive known her since we were at school some 20 odd years ago.

i know ill get shot down but good for her i say.

I would suggest that you don’t do it. You need to look after your body and not abuse it. Even more so now than before. I used to be quite a party animal. Alcohol not drugs. I wish I could go back ten years and do things differently. I haven’t drank for 5 and a half years. It is the best thing that I have ever done. You can still go out and be wild, just do it solvent free.



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As Mick says; it’s your life. If you want to be an a r s e go ahead and take whatever. They WILL shorten your life; they WILL make your attacks worse.

Like all drugs illicit and legal there is a price to pay. If that’s the way you want to enjoy yourself so be it as long as the only person you kill is yourself.



…and I presume your Neuro would say “oh yeah …cocaine, ecstasy & alcohol will have absolutely no adverse influence on the effectiveness of your Rebif or Gilenya” ?!

But just for a moment, let’s imagine that the combination will instantly result in excruciating pain, complete paralysis or total immobility?

Do you really want to take that chance?

I can well understand the urge to go back to your ‘normal’ way of life, but the sad truth is MS is now a fundamental part of our ‘normality’ and we need to adapt for it (…and be pleased with any adaptations we accomplish, no matter how minor they may be). The hardest part will be to accept our new limitations!!

Please, please take care of yourself !

Good comments.

I can see all views have valid points, and yes i know the risks. I found the last few weeks very hard, and even more so now it is affecting my legs as bad as it has. BUT, i am 33 years old. Still young. It has been my “release”

Will see how things progress



I use to be a heavy party clubber before I was diagnosed in 2009. Mainly MDMA though. I still go clubbing now quite often and even travel abroad for trance events - off to Ibiza in 2 weeks. But now I wouldn’t take drugs, I don’t need to and hate feeling crap the day or two after with either drugs or alcohol. I’m only 29 but can’t handle it anymore. I did take a little bit of MDMA whilst on rebif in 2010 (only a small amount mind) and had no adverse reaction however I think myself stupid for doing so now! I personally don’t think it would be good for your MS just like I don’t think it would be good for my MS! It’s not worth it when you look at the bigger picture and I think our bodies need more looking after now than before. I’ve often wondered if my druggy past could have affected me getting MS but its one if those things I’ll never know!

Many years ago, I’d take speed (the club I used to go too didn’t open til midnight), the funny thing was I stopped taking it as it started making me feel rough when I took it, so it felt like it was my body’s way of saying enough!!!

It is your life and yes, you can do what you want, so I don’t think anyone that was going thru what you do with MS would blame you BUT look after yourself is all I’d say, don’t go crazy

Sonia x

Around 6 months ago I had a weekend of drugs and alcohol. Ciccone After I felt the usual

anxiety. Panic attacks downer effects that usually come with after ecgfevts if coming down. This time it was different though. I noticed some subtle cognitive difficulties and tingling left side ( I think I had this years ago but always put it down to anxiety ).

Went fir for a doctor check up and he had me take an mri and then bang. Suspicion of me. . Now I’m left wondering did the drugs cause the ms , did they cause a relapse , what would have bee. The situation had I abstained that night , has this highlighted my long dormant ms and it’s a good things … really confused right now

So your 33 and consider heavy alchohol and illegal drugs “normal”. You are an addict and have a problem. The drugs and drinks will kill you liver and kidneys. It ain’t a nice way to go. Oh and thats on top of the MS. Release??? I don’t sound very sympathetic do I? I was diagnosed in my 30’s…went on to raise 2 kids, get a degree, work, live, love and enjoy life. SO GROW UP. Sure you can choose to burn out and die young and your going the right way about it. Don’t expect any sympathy from the medical profession. They are too busy curing ppl who WANT to get well.

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I’d enjoy myself at the 2 parties, as your not at it 24/7, so why not ? Whatever gives you some enjoyment why not. You know your own boundaries with the m.s.

The only caution i’d advise is don’t try doing the same amounts, as in your hey day, as you’ll be hitting major whitey, blowout time haha.

Everyone enjoys different purposes in life, so i respect everyones choices, and remember your only 33 once.

OMG and hear is me feeling bad about taking 1 paracetamol at night to help settle me down with my 2mg diazapam because of the pain and spasms and constant other stuff MS chucks at me when i am trying to sleep. I feel guilty as i worry i am harming my body lol. There is a reason why drugs of certain type are illegal, they are harmful. But hey if you fancy partying the rest of your life away go ahead. are you RRMS or PPMS? If your RRMS you have a chance of remissions and a quiet time in your life if you stay healthy. I am PPMS with no chance of remissions, 67 but still have fight in me to keep moving forward. There is so much to see still. You can have 100 people in a room. I can guarantee you there are 80 of them suffering in some form with pain or illness. To be honest I know more people sick now then well. BUT I dont see all these sick people partying and snorting up crap nope they are all working hard to get better. Some are younger 20 years old. 3,000 sq km (1,200 sq miles) in southern africa has just been turned into river and ocean. 2.5 MILLION people have been affected thousands and thousands just been drowned in water young people with no chance of life, now laying bloated and dead in water and mud because nature leased its force on them. And all you have to worry about is getting high on drugs to get through your MS. WELL GOOD FOR YOU. send that money to help them instead might be more useful. God sorry i get so mad your 33 you have MS at least you are warm well cared for and have a life. Sorry i do not judge you taking drugs its your life, but there are worse things to worry about.