My friend hopes he has MS

My friend hopes he has MS so he can start smoking again and partying because he won’t have to worry about his health.

That’s ridiculous.

But you know he’s probably scared stiff… and who can blame him… and is covering up his feelings by making light of it.

People all show their emotions in different ways. Support your friend… he no doubt needs it right now… AND you need to tell him that MS is NOT a terminal illness… most people can carry on life as before, just have to make a few adjustments.

Try and find a way to get him to learn more about MS.

Pat x

I agree completely with Pat.

Sounds like he’s in a kind of denial.

Besides, although most lifestyle choices have little or no influence on the course of MS, it’s been shown beyond a doubt that smoking is one of the few that do. It influences both risk of getting it in the first place, AND rate of progression once you have it. So unless he actually wants to help the MS along a bit, he’d be well-advised not to return to smoking, should he be diagnosed. Partying, I don’t think matters. A lot of people find MS severely restricts their ability to “party”, but for those who still feel up to it, I don’t think any harm comes of it.



Your friend probably is hiding his feelings we have all been there the unknown is always the scariest thing. With MS I’ve found that I need to improve my health & fitness to ensure my body is in the best condition to recover from a relapse. I’m 28 & still go clubbing & still drink Im just aware now adats that the next day I will have a hangover which occasionally I’m prepared to suffer. MS doesn’t mean ur life changes or stops u just need to adapt Charlotte x

Hi, another way of looking at not returning to smoking and partying so much, is that having a disability can be chuffin` costly!

Hope your pal is ok.

luv Pollx

Strange what happens when one is scared stiff. I am the woman who used my (brief) stay in limbo to take up smoking again - after all, I reasoned, did I not deserve a consolation prize? Took years to give up properly. Bonkers, but there you go. Alison