If not M.S..then what?

Hi Guys,

I am not diagnosed M.S. but it has come up with my GP. Although I have had a clear C.T, I am being referred to a neurologist and waiting for an MRI. I don’t THINK I have M.S, but, I know I have a lot of symptoms. However, my symptoms are not getting in the way of my leading a normal life per se. They are more annoying than anything I guess and cause discomfort but not a lot of pain. I read on another post that if it isn’t affecting your life significantly, it likely isn’t MS. So, I have been optimistic. But that leaves me wondering what else it could be then? I know a lot of people post here pre-MRI and Lumbar Puncture, so I was wondering from those who haven’t been diagnosed, what ended up being the cause of your symptoms. Also, wondering if my symptom pattern sounds like those who are diagnosed MS. I have had anxiety and B12 deficiency ruled out.

To date, my most pressing symptom is tingling, particularly in the scalp that has been chronic for months, and has now moved throughout the right side of my body, particularly my right thigh and right arm. My brain often feels as if it’s vibrating or shaking, but this comes and goes, unlike the tingling. I drop EVERYTHING and don’t trust myself to even hold a coffee. One of my pupils is bigger than the other and I get blurred vision but it only lasts a moment. I do not have Optic Neuritis . I have a bad case of brain fog that comes and goes. I blank out on peoples names whom I have worked with for years, I forget what I am saying, I mix up words, I can’t type or spell anymore and my handwriting is awful. My legs and right arm feel like jelly. I walk fine but feel off. I seem to misjudge distance. For instance, I was putting clothes in dryer today and went to high and really hurt my hand by hitting the top, I misjudged my step yesterday and fell over my ankle. I have pins and needles a lot but they go when I switch positions but quickly come back within a minute or two. I get little jolts/itches on my back, feet and fingers that literally make me scream sometimes, which is embarrassing. My hand dexterity is definitely declining. I wet myself the other day at a restaurant and didn’t know it until I stood up. Thank goodness it was dimly lit and I has a long coat. I know that’s a lot of symptoms, but I also read that someone with MS likely won’t have ALL the symptoms, which I seem too!

I am 40 years old and an educator so while I am not in pain and I feel my gait/mobility is fine for the most part, I do feel like like it is impacting my work life in terms of articulation and speech.

The clear C.T is also keeping me hopeful. But I am concerned with what it could be and what others found out to be the cause of their symptoms.

Apologies for the long post.


Hi RNGD1982

Unfortunately, there are a shed-load of conditions that could be causing your symptoms, and the Neurologists need to see the results of your MRI to start getting a handle on it. There are some that can be ruled out via blood-tests, ie. severe vitamin deficits, tropical diseases, parasitic infections and STDs.

If there is no evidence of skeletal issues, ie. herniated discs or bone overgrowth causing nerve compression, then you are into the realms of vascular and/or neurological issues causing the problems.

You don’t mention your Vit D levels. If those are/were low, then I would suggest getting a regular, high dose of that going.

Difficult as it is, try not to over-think it, concentrate on being the healthiest you can be - all the usual suspects, healthy diet, gentle exercise and sufficient/quality sleep. The neurologists and/or rheumatologists will get to the bottom of the issue.

Hello @RNGD1982

Did you get to the bottom of your problem yet?! I’m going through multiple symptoms at the moment but unfortunately all my scans come back clear and also neuro exams!!!

I’m trying to live as healthy as I can be.

I finally see a neuro at the end of January so unfortunately will have no information until then.